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Welcome back to another addition of Big Rig Talk. What a week! 88 hours on the road, another 10 hours for Big Rig Talk and another 100 hour work week in the books. I can’t name one truck driver working less then 40, demand is high right now. All these extra hours are killing me and my truck. I set a new all-time record for break downs this month. Kudos to me. Too bad I drive for myself. Don’t mean to bring you down friend, I have to talk to someone, right?

NASCAR Daytona 500 2014

Special thanks to the Big Rig Talk fan base, we appreciate your time and we’re glad you had nothing better to do. Right? I’m joking. Ok, let’s get into it. Well, NASCAR is back. Always a sign that Spring is around the corner. The big Daytona 500. Jr. nation should be humming. Dale Jr. drove great on Sunday, did he not? I liked the race much better this year then last. Seemed like the cars could run much better in the draft this year. A lot of big names in NASCAR have new teams. You have Kevin Harvick and Kurt Busch driving for Tony Stewart now. Ryan Truex Jr. is now with Furniture Row in the 78.

We also have 8-9 rookies driving this year, none more popular then RCR driver Austin Dillon and Kyle Larson in the 42 Target car. It should be a great rookie battle. The number 3 made its iconic appearance, most of the time causing accidents, but it was good to see the 3 back on track. Austin is a good driver and he’s learning but he caused a few of those accidents on Sunday. None the less, NASCAR is back and I’m happy.

The Walking Dead

If you haven’t heard this story from this week, this will blow your mind. 78 year old Walter Williams passed away on Wednesday and was pronounced dead at 9pm. He was transported to a local morgue in Mississippi to get his body ready for the funeral and burial. The morgue staff come in on Thursday morning and they were getting ready to embalm his body. Everything was prepared and ready to go. They walk up to the body bag, getting ready to start the procedure when the body bag starts to move. As you can imagine, at this point, they are freaking out.

A few seconds go by and nothing. They approach the body bag again and it begins to move. They hear the man and what appears to be groans. They rush to open the body bag and out comes 78 year old Walter Williams gasping for air, “alive.” The story has already gone viral but it’s such an incredible story. Medically speaking, they believe that William’s pacemaker quit working and started back up again. However, he didn’t have a pulse come Wednesday night. Others are calling it a miracle. This is not the first time something to this nature has happened. Even so, luck or blessing, it’s an incredible story.

Russia And Ukraine

It’s getting bad between Russia and Ukraine. Russia announced and approved military actions. Russia is already posted within Ukraine and there’s a lot of different parties involved. President Obama and the United States has officially intervened with Obama’s announcement on Saturday. “We are now deeply concerned by reports of military movements taken by the Russian Federation inside Ukraine,” U.S. President Barack Obama said in televised comments from the White House. It would be a clear violation of Russia’s commitment to respect the independence and sovereignty and borders of Ukraine and of international laws. Obama said any violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity would be “deeply destabilizing, and he warned “the United States will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in Ukraine.”

I don’t see anything good coming out of this situation. It’s tough to choose sides. Russia has been very aggressive with their approach since the beginning. I became alarmed when I watched the news and saw little children with busted up faces, cuts and bloody white bandages over their small faces. The sad part, all of this can be avoiding. The Middle East is always into it, have you noticed? I’m against going to war or intervention but what do you do? Innocent people are being hurt and we can’t stand for that. The United States doesn’t intervene and we are a peaceful nation. There was even reports of a Russian ship 200 miles away from Miami, in a port in Havanna, Cuba. Now, I wonder why their there?

India Killer

Are we still aloud to talk about guns? Ever wonder why you don’t have a gun when you need it the most? With all the guns around the world and the black market, you’d figure nearly everyone would own a gun. That’s not the case in India. Or at the least, the wrong people must be packing all the weapons. In the last 6 weeks, 10 humans have been killed by a tigress. Now, if I live in India, I’m growing enough fruits and nuts to trade for a gun and ammo. Point blank.

I feel for these people. It’s bad enough living with my neighbors and their ghetto dog. Having a 200+ pound cat with claws and teeth that can rip skins in two, that’s on another level. If anyone in the world needed a gun, it would be these folks in India. Somebody call East Los Angeles and let’s get some guns to India.

Final Thoughts

Well, I’ll be watching NASCAR tomorrow. I know it’s been a bad winter for most. It actually rained today at Phoenix International Raceway, the first time in 70 days. For all the times it can rain in Arizona. Big snow, ice and rain storm is developing in the middle of the country and it’s going to get bad. Brother and sisters of the road, please take your time, get there safely and let’s bring you home. Thank you all for tuning in to another segment of Big Rig Talk. Big Rig Talk would like to thank Truckers Logic, Big Rig Ebooks and the Trucking Edge Network.

Remember, we’d love to hear from you! What’s Your Opinion? Be sure to leave us a comment and share Big Rig Talk with your friends. Until next time, we thank you for your time, stay safe, humble and God Bless.



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