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Big Rig is dedicated to making our website the top trucking website on the internet. A lot of time is invested in making the Big Rig Ebooks website. We want everyone to know that we’re working hard for all truckers, from the U.S. to Europe. Big Rig is always adding new content, new features and new links to give truck drivers a place to hang out when their on the road. Big Rig is your one stop source for everything “trucking.”

Big Rig’s newest feature is our “What’s Your Opinion” segment. The “What’s Your Opinion” segment gives you the opportunity to be heard. We can talk about truck driving, trucker jobs, trucking road stops, or we can talk about your tree in the backyard. That’s the beauty of it, we’re going to talk about anything and everything! I want you to take the time, leave us a comment or give us a topic to cover. If you have a question, leave us a comment! There’s no wrong answer, you’ll never be wrong with anything you say.

Now, we do have a few small rules I must go over. For one, please restrain from using profanity. We’ll leave the dirty talk for the CB, you know what I mean. Number two, please don’t start dropping links in the comments. If it’s associated to our discussion and appropriate, that’s completely fine. If we’re talking about trucking jobs in Georgia and you post a link to Shoe World, we’re not going to approve your comment.

Ok then, I want you to know we can talk about a lot of different things on here. Big Rig is fully supportive of truckers but you don’t have to be a trucker to leave us a comment. Big Rig wants to offer something to everyone and this is our way of doing that. I want us to have fun, offer help, answer questions and tackle tough debate that others wouldn’t dare. I hope you take the time to make Big Rig Talk and “What’s Your Opinion” your own. Share it with your friends, family, co-workers, your mom, dad, brothers, sisters, uncles, cousins or the weird guy in the back of the diner using the free Wi-Fi. We appreciate all your support, likes, subscriptions, tweets and everything in between. In return, we hope you support our new segment as well. Talk to you soon!

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