Company Driver VS Lease Purchase Operator


Company Driver Or Purchase Operator

Company Driver VS Lease Purchase OperatorAt some point in your trucking career, you’re going to have to make a decision between being a company driver or a lease purchase operator. There’s great benefits doing both but you may have more questions at this point of your trucking career. This is why I wrote Company Driver VS Lease Purchase Operator. I’ve been there, I know how tough it can be between choosing to drive for a company or beginning your own trucking business.



As a company driver, you get several benefits. Being a company driver is great for new truck drivers. The company provides you with a truck, which is probably the biggest benefit of being a company truck driver. When you include good pay, benefits and a truck that cost very little to maintain, you can easily see why so many truck drivers choose to be a company driver.

Driving for a company also has its downfalls. For one, you’re on company time and you’re not the boss. If you’re called in, it’s your haul. Some companies don’t pay well and others have little or no benefits. You may also spend long periods of time on the road. Some company truck drivers may spend weeks away from home at a time.

Lease purchase operators have a lot more responsibility then company truck drivers in the sense that they basically run their own trucking business. Just like company drivers, there’s pro’s and con’s regarding the position. Lease purchase operators are able to run schedules that best fit their needs for the most part. Lease purchase operators often make more money with their hauls and they are able to spend more time at home.

One of the toughest elements of being a lease purchase operator is being responsible for your truck. You don’t have no company to fall back on when your truck breaks down. Leasing your first truck can also be a tough process for any trucker. No matter what path you take, there’s pro’s and con’s to every truck driver job.

My book is going to give you great insight in both aspects of company driving and being a lease purchase operator. You’re going to learn how to find which position best fits you and how you can benefit from both. If you are serious about being a lease purchase operator, I would suggest reading How To Start A Trucking Business. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to comment. Be safe and keep trucking.