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Hello and welcome to Truckers Logic. This is the place to engage in the conversation about our trucking lives. Truckers Logic represents every facet of the truck driver’s lifestyle and more. We have articles ranging from getting your CDL to Winter Driving Tips and even How to Help Raise Your Kids From the Road. We want YOU to share YOUR stories about truck driving here. If you are interested in adding to the conversation please use this link to contact us and we will get you setup to contribute to the conversation. I started the Big Rig Ebooks Series to help prospective and experienced drivers take their careers to the next level. And the Truckers Logic will serve as our real time conduit and conversational platform to make sense of the trucking industry. We at Truckers Logic want to assist as many drivers as we can to become safer and more productive out on the road. If you have any questions about driving or the truck driving lifestyle you are likely to find those answers here or in our truck driver forums. If you have any questions for me such as career advice, how-to questions or you just want my opinion on the matter, I have the experience to assist you in making the best choices for you. Thank you for taking the time to check out our Trucker’s Logic, while your at it, check out one of our many social media pages including Big Rig Ebooks on FacebookBig Rig Ebooks on Twitter and Big Rig Ebooks on Google Plus. We have put very good information, links to trucking news on the web and many pictures from the road. We encourage you to signup here with our blog so you can post comments, questions and pictures. Once you are signed up you will get an email every time a new post goes up here at Truckers Logic. And you will also get special invites for contests and giveaways. Make sure you check your promotions folder on google. Or your spam folder to make sure you are getting our emails. If you have any topics you want us to cover on this blog or questions, again feel free to let us know. I look forward to engaging in the conversation with you and appreciate you taking the time to check us out here at Truckers Logic!


  1. As a rookie driver, I can dispell a lot of myths that recruiters will tell you. As a rookie with a large company remember, there are at least 300 people waiting to take your truck. I will do my best to help those transitioning to the trucking world.

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