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Updated 03-08-2018

Best Truck Driver Comfort Cushions

The Roho AIRHAWK Truck Driver Comfort Cushion is a great way to end your pain for sitting in a big rig all day. At the very least, you’re going to experience less back pain and that’s what a lot of my driving friends have said about this seat cushion.

You wouldn’t think that sitting in a seat all day could bring so much pain but the truth of the matter, your inability for movement can cause severe pain. Truck drivers spend most of their time on the road, therefore they go long periods at a time without much movement.

Many truck drivers have good soft seats but even the best seats can’t protect you from the pain. One of the smartest things I did was buying a comfortable cushion for my truck. You’ll be surprised how much a simple seat cushion can do.

Still Using My Driver Seat Cushion Years Later

I purchased the Roho AIRHAWK driver cushion years ago. We’re now in 2018 and I’m still using it today. While the short-term relief from pain was great, I’m impressed by the long-term relief from pain the most.

After a few months of using this driver seat cushion, I was completely pain free in my back, hips and legs. Rating the Roho AIRHAWK cushion now, I give it 4.8 starts out of 5. We’re close to the new year as I’m updating this article, but there’s no other driver seat cushion I use.

This particular truck driver seat cushion is top of the line without the heavy price tag. Very easy to use, lightweight but super effective at supporting your hips and lower back. So when other drivers ask me what I recommend for a driver cushion, still today, I say the Roho AIRHAWK driver seat cushion.

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Roho AIRHAWK Truck Cushion
The Roho AIRHAWK is the best truck cushion that I’ve ever owned and has eliminated my back and leg pain completely.

Roho AIRHAWK Comfort Cushion Eliminates Pain

The Roho AIRHAWK Truck Comfort Cushion is amazing at eliminating pain, not just in the back. This truck driver cushion is will eliminate your leg, hip and lower back pain.

I never realized how much pain a comfort cushion could eliminate until I had tried it for a few days. The difference was big. I no longer had stiffness, lower back pain and even the pain in my legs. I believe the pain in my legs was caused by my lower back.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably went through several cushions in your driving time. I’ll admit, I was cheap when it came to buying cushions.

Just like with most products, you get what you pay for. I would spend $20-$30 dollars for a cushion that doesn’t even help. I finally broke down and bought the Roho AIRHAWK Comfort Cushion. After a few months, I can tell a big difference.

Back Pain Relief

If you have back pain, this truck cushion will help your pain. It’s not limited to just truck drivers. I use my truck cushion in my big rig and regular truck. Anyone that drives long-distances can benefit from the Roho AIRHAWK comfort cushion. You can use this driving cushion on equipment as well. I haven’t personally used it in this manner but I do know others that swear by it.

It’s unbelievable the difference you’ll feel when you get this cushion. I know for some, you’ll feel that the price tag is a little high, but for me, it’s well worth not hurting. I use the cushion 300+ days out of the year, I’ve received my investment back time and time again.

Trucking Seats Have Improved But Not Enough

Trucking seats have improved over the years, especially the past 5 years. However, you still will likely need one. While trucking seats are better, you can’t match the comfort of a good driver seat cushion.

Roho AIRHAWK Is Above The Competition

The Roho AIRHAWK driver cushion is above the competition and will be the only cushion I ever need. There’s hundreds of truck cushions out there and by all means, I haven’t tried them all. I do know this, I won’t need another truck cushion because this driving cushion works great. The comfort cushion can fit multiple seats and it’s going to be perfect for truck drivers, farmers, heavy equipment operators or warehouse workers. Why spend money on doctor visits, physical therapy or live with the pain when you can spend a little money to solve all your issues. You wouldn’t think sitting could cause so much lower back pain but it does. Your lower back supports the entire weight of the upper body. Even when your sitting, your lower back is stressed.

AIRHAWK Components

It is made up of individual, interconnected air cells that allow air to slowly transfer from chamber to chamber, evenly distributing body weight pressure and promoting blood flow. The AIRHAWK Truck Comfort Cushion is great for those who drive large machinery for extended periods of time.

Every AIRHAWK Truck Comfort Cushion is built to last, I’ve had mine for years. AIRHAWK’s technology has been used since 1973 by the medical industry to treat wheelchair clients and patients who are confined in bed for long periods. In fact, AIRHAWK’s technology is so unique that it is currently being distributed in 65 countries around the world.

Why This Truck Cushion?

As I said before, I’ve tried many different truck cushions over the years. None has helped me more then the Roho AIRHAWK truck cushion. If you don’t solve the issue now, it can become a problem later. If you continue to drive in pain without the relief of a comfort cushion, this can have an everlasting effect on your health. Your pain is going to get worse.

After years of driving, the pain can become quite severe and it can cause a lot of issues. I’m talking about having the possibility of walking took away, it’s that serious. It doesn’t matter what comfort cushion you choose, just make sure it’s a quality trucking cushion that will prevent pain now and later. If you want to take the guess work out and ensure you get a truck cushion that will work, it’s the Roho AIRHAWK.



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