Top Truck Driver Seat Cushions-Wagan IN9438 12V Heated Seat Cushion

Top Truck Driver Seat Cushions

Wagan iN9438 12V Heated Seat Cushion

If you are spending long hours on the road, you want a truck seat cushion that will maximize your comfort and stand up to daily abuse. When it comes to the top truck driver seat cushions on the market, this heated seat cushion is certainly top 5. One of the best truck seat cushions available is the Wagan IN9438 12V Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support. Perfect for chilly winter mornings, the cushion heats up as soon as power is applied and the soft velour cover will keep you comfortable whether you’re driving around town or across the country.

Top Truck Driver Seat Cushions

The Wagan IN9438 is an inexpensive aftermarket option for truck drivers who chose not to have the expensive option of heated seats in their trucks at time of purchase. The cushion is constructed of a soft velour fabric to provide maximum comfort and warmth. Installation is quick and easy, simply attach it with the included straps and clasps, plug it into your truck’s 12V outlet and you’ll be experiencing soothing heat that will relax your aching muscles. There is also a convenient high/low/off switch to tailor the amount of heat to your personal preference.

Truck Cushion Features and Benefits

Constructed of high-quality velour and polyester for maximum warmth and comfort.
Simple to install. Simply attach to your seat with the included strap and clasp system and plug it in.
*Reaches maximum temperatures of 114 degrees Fahrenheit.
*Multi-function switch allows for high/low/off operation.
*Has a full half-inch thickness for lumbar support.
*Powered from your truck’s 12V dc outlet. Adapter and cord included.
*Optional AC adapter available for use outside your cab. Perfect for home and office use.
*Detailed Reviews

Power Switch
The multi-function power switch is easy to use and seem durable enough to withstand years of use, making the Wagan IN9438 a good choice for truck drivers who are minding their budget.

The soft velour and polyester make the Wagan IN9438 very comfortable, even on long trips. The cushion is well made and fits the seat well.

Heating Elements
In addition to the heating elements in the seat, the heat extends the full height of the back cushion as well. This makes it ideal for relieving tense back muscles from lots of hours behind the wheel. While the cushion gets hot, it doesn’t get too hot. The cushion provides just the right amount of warmth for pain relief and relaxation.

Instant On
One nice features of the Wagan IN9438 is that it begins heating as soon as you turn on your truck. The cushion reaches the selected temperature in minutes and it ready for use when you are.

Top Truck Driver Seat Cushions In Comparison
Not all seat cushions are created equal. You want a cushion that will withstand hours of daily use and the Wagan IN9438 has you covered. With a one-year limited warranty, you can rest assured that your cushion will be ready when you are. The cushion is manufactures by the Wagan Corporation, a company committed to delivering products that support the needs of today’s truck drivers. Simply fill out the enclosed warranty registration card and you can rest assured that if there is a defect with the product, your warranty will cover it. For the price and features, this truck seat cushion can’t be beat.

If you’re looking for the best truck driver seat cushions available, you can’t go wrong with Wagan products. In particular, the Wagan IN9438 12V Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support offers great value for your dollar. It is a great way to get a bang for your buck when the temperatures drop or when you need relief for your aching back. If you’re looking for a good aftermarket cushion to add to your truck, give the Wagan IN9438 a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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