Clever Yellow Stability Seat Driver Cushion


Updated 03-08-2018

Clever Yellow Stability Seat Driver Cushion Review

For any driver on the road traveling long distances, the value of a quality truck driver cushion can never be underestimated. The Clever Yellow Stability Seat driver cushion is a great choice for any driver. This driver seat cushion can hold up to 390 pounds. It averages a 4.3 out of 5 star in reviews on Amazon. This is a great choice for any driver experiencing lower back pain. If you have owned the previous version, you’ll be able to feel the difference. The new seat wedge is made from a high quality fabric, super comfortable and marked at a great price.

Clever Yellow Stability Seat Driver Cushion Is Affordable

When I bought the older Clever Yellow¬† driver cushion, I paid over $140 dollars. Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was worth the investment then and still do today. But now, the new seat wedge is better and cost a lot less. You can’t beat the asking price for the Clever Yellow seat wedge. And your back and legs will thank you for it later. (Trust me)

Great Driver Cushion For Lower Back Pain

How many of you experience bad coccyx pain? If you do, this is your solution. A lot of drivers don’t realize the back pain that you can develop over years of driving. Even if you don’t hurt now, you will later on. It is worth taking the time to make this small investment. Drivers tried to warn me when I was a rookie, I never listened. Now, I have to battle lower back pain all the time. Trust me, If I could take it all back, I would have bought a seat cushion years ago when I first started driving.

Advanced Technology For Driver Comfort

The Clever Yellow Stability Seat Wedge makes sitting active. When you sit on it, air smoothly transitions between two air cells, so you have a constantly adjusting seat cushion. These subtle movements encourage your body to balance, so your core stabilizing muscles remain strong, supportive and healthy.

The driver seat cushion is designed to tilt your pelvis forward, improving your posture and reducing pressure on your lower spine during prolonged sitting. Made with high quality comfort foam and pressurized air cells, this cushion does not deflate over time like some other cushions out there. A wipe down removable cover not only provides long-lasting protection, it is made with high-grade luxury vinyl so it will look sleek in your home, car, or office.

About Air Cell Technology

The Twin Air Cell Technology from Clever Yellow is patent protected. Air Cell Technology allows your body to sit still while subtlety activating your core and back muscles simultaneously. As you tilt back and forth, side to side, or in any other direction, the seat cushion shifts pockets of air beneath you. As air transfers, your body reacts by rebalancing itself.

Note: Movements are very subtle because of the restricted air flow and created not to aggregate those with back pain. After 2 days, most report that they do not realize that they are moving anymore as their core stabilizing muscles take over. It is also recommended to take breaks and get up from a seated position as often as possible.

Final Thoughts On The Clever Yellow Driver Seat Cushion

There’s a lot of different benefits when it comes to the Clever Yellow driver seat cushion. We’ve discussed several, comfort, price, dependability and a reputable company. There’s a lot of driver seat cushions on the market. If you’re professional driver, you’ve likely tried a handful. Some driver cushions are uncomfortable, others cost hundreds of dollars. This is the softest driver cushion I’ve ever tried. The technology is better, the price is better and you do get comfort from back and leg pain.

After a few weeks of trying the Clever Yellow driver seat cushion, I’m all on board with this seat cushion. To be honest, for the price, you can’t beat it. And it only cost $79.99. Well worth the investment. As I said before, it can hold up to nearly 400 pounds, it’s very soft and quite comfortable. This driver cushion is perfect for any of you experiencing lower back pain. It could actually help you become pain free. At the least, it will relieve some of your pain.


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