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Big Rig Talk Volume 5

Welcome back to Truckers Logic and Big Rig Talk. Big Rig Talk is sponsored by the Trucking Edge Network, Truckers Logic and Big Rig Ebooks. Hope everyone’s week has been great, TGIF my friend! So, how’s your bracket? March Madness is alive and well. I believe I’m ranked in the top 120,000. It amazes me how popular fantasy sports is. Fantasy sports is year round now, they have it for NASCAR, baseball, football, gold, hockey and many more. When I think about the mass numbers of fantasy sports, it’s amazing that it has caught on like it has. Let’s get to the board.

March Madness

How about Dayton? Dayton, a 11th seed, defeated 3rd seed Stanford in the Sweet Sixteen and now will play in the Elite 8. Both Arizona and Florida, number one seeds, will move on to the Elite 8. Dayton will try to continue their Cinderella run against the top ranked Florida Gators. In other sports news, Atlanta receiver, Roddy White, made good on his Twitter bet with sports fan Dylan Hoyt yesterday. White is giving Hoyt season tickets, a sideline pass and SuperBowl tickets for being a good sport about the whole ordeal. Great move by Roddy and kudos to Hoyt. The bet was won by Hoyt when he called that Mercer would upset Duke, which they did.

Flight 370

The MH370 flight is still lost at see and time is quickly running out to find the crucial black box. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Malaysia Airlines Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said Friday it was very difficult to break the devastating news of the loss of the aircraft, especially to a large number of family members of passengers and crew onboard MH370. Nearly 230 men, women and children were on board when the plane crashed in the Indian Ocean around March 8th. We have to commend all of the rescue efforts on this. A big thanks to you all.

Crimea Crisis

The United Nations General Assembly has passed a non-binding resolution declaring Crimea’s secession vote invalid. The Ukrainian-sponsored resolution also affirmed Ukraine’s territorial integrity and urged all parties to strive for a peaceful solution to the crisis through direct dialogue. In the 193-nation assembly, there were 100 votes in favor, and 11 against the Ukrainian-sponsored resolution. There were 58 abstentions and a number of other countries chose not to participate. Western diplomats say the number of yes votes was higher than expected. Of course, Russia isn’t happy about this. Russia’s UN Ambassador ,Vitaly Churkin, urged for a “no vote,” calling the vote counter-productive.

Jordan Linn Graham

Do you recall hearing a story about a newly married wife pushing her husband off a cliff? This story is true and now Jordan Linn Graham is set to do 30 years behind bars. 8 days after being married, Graham pushed her husband off a cliff in Glacier National Park in Montana. Her then husband, Cody Johnson, was pushed off a 300 foot cliff and didn’t survive the fall. Prosecution was seeking 50 years buy Graham was sentenced to 30 years after changing her plea from innocent to guilty. She was sentenced yesterday.

Iwao Hakamada

Iwao Hakamada has served 45 years on death row until he was recently freed after a court ordered a retrial in his murder case, amid suggestions that police investigators fabricated evidence against him. Iwao Hakamada was sentenced to hang in 1968 for the murders two years earlier of a company president, his wife and their two children in Shizuoka prefecture, central Japan. Hakamada, who was also convicted of burglary and arson in the same case, is thought to be the world’s longest-serving death row inmate. How do you begin to value 45 years of you life lost? Hakamada looked tired and restless in pictures and video recordings


Obamacare is alive and well as reports document that Obamacare now had 6 million signups as the March 31st deadline quickly approaches. The controversial health care plan for millions was supposed to help men and women save money by offering them affordable medical insurance. Well, we all know how that went. I knew all along that this was going to happen. It’s a damn shame that men and women were forced to give up their insurance. Obama talks a good game but many people have lost a lot due to higher insurance cost under Obamacare.

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