Big Rig Talk-What’s Your Opinion-V4


Great Time For Sports

Yes sir or ma’am, Big Rig Talk is back for another segment here at my favorite website Truckers Logic. I thank you for all your support for taking the time to come by and read my articles. If I could get you all to comment, we’d be good to go! Hey, as long as someone is reading, I’m a happy man. So, any of you all sports fan? Getting ready for March Madness? I love it when I can turn the TV on and I can browse through 8 games at once. Have you been to a game during the Tournament? It’s absolute electric. If you haven’t, you have to put it on your bucket list. I went to an Elite 8 game, I could only imagine a Final Four or Championship. Good things to do, right?

Baseball is also just around the corner. Spring training going on right now. Just a few short weeks away from Opening Day. NBA Playoffs are not far off, NASCAR is back and going great. It’s a great time to be a sports fan. NFL Draft isn’t far off. I’m a big sports fan. People always ask me how I can watch cars go around circles. What makes NASCAR exciting to watch is the commentary. That’s my opinion, it’s my¬†showcase, how ironic? None the less, great time of the year.

Snow, Snow And More Snow

Another snowstorm has just hit again in the Northeast. Another big winter storm is around Denver. It’s been a hell of a winter, well one in relation to when hell freezes over. It’s been wild. I’ve seen 75 degrees one day and the next we’re at 10 degrees with snow. So much for global warming, huh. It’s been a mild winter out West. Up in Alaska, some of the warmest temperatures in decades. Speaking of Alaska, anyone watching Gold Rush? How about Parker? 1,029 ounces of gold I believe, worth around 1.5 million. Kudos to Parker’s grandpa, how can you not be a fan of this guy. Then, what about the Hoffman crew? Jungle nightmare. Then we find out that Freddy Dodge went to mine the claim the Hoffman’s passed on and found giant gold nuggets. Great show though.

SO, what’s going on in the real world? Happy St¬†Patrick’s Day Irish lads! A little late but none the less meaningful. Did you see the green river in New York? That was pretty awesome. Imagine the green dye needed to turn the river green? I’m telling you, this river was deep green. Pretty wild.

Flight 370

Have you heard about the disappearing flight, I believe Flight 370? The flight took off in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was heading to Beijing, China. It went missing on March 8th and it still hasn’t been found. 239 total men, women and children were on board. Your heart can’t help but go out to them all. The search has been extended but it doesn’t look good. All are in our prayers.

Dumb Russian People

The Russia ordeal is getting real serious and everyone’s taking note. Who does Putin remind you of? I don’t know what’s going to happen with everything but it’s really starting to piss me off. I love how a Russian TV anchor said Russia would turn the U.S. to ash. Dmitry Kiselyov is his name and he’s the biggest Russian dumbass I’ve ever known. Even with translation Dmitry, your television show sucks. Putin put Dmitry in charge of Russia’s public image. Yet, when he announced this, there was a mushroom cloud in the background. Are you serious?

His comments made me think about how many people in America owned a gun. They can say want they want. We want to hear your opinion. This is my segment, we can talk about anything that you want. We can talk about Russia or we can talk about your best friend’s cousin’s mother Elana. Anything you want to talk about it, let’s hear it. We even invite Dmitry Kiselyov to come by and defend himself.