Truck Driving Jobs In Demand


truck driving jobsRight now is a great time to look for truck driving jobs. With the economy growing as well as demand, it’s a great time to get in. Truck drivers are transportation specialists that play a critical part with supplying goods to consumers. As a matter of fact if there were not any truckers manufacturers would have a hard time bring goods to market and retail outlets would struggle to keep their shelves stocked with merchandise. Many shoppers would not be able to have access to the products that they need or want. Truck drivers help to keep the economy moving in the right direction since they are crucial for business logistics or its supply chain. Truckers also play a role with keeping consumers coming back to local retail outlets in order to make purchases. Individuals who are employed in this field could also transport fuel and hazardous waste material.

Most states require truck drivers to have a driver’s license and a commercial driver’s license or CDL. Truck drivers must be trained how to operate large rigs in order to drive them in a safe manner while out on the highway. Many truck driving schools are in place that teaches drivers how to maneuver a rig and how to load and transport goods. Once a driver completes their training they will receive a CDL and are able to work within the transportation industry.

Some truck driving jobs will require operators to work independently or as a part of a fleet. Independent drivers can contract with local manufacturers or retailers in order to transport goods. Drivers who work independently will also have to find contract work on a regular basis and be responsible for procuring a rig. Truckers that are employed with a fleet will typically have to run a designated route for companies where they have been contracted and they will drive company rigs. Drivers that are a part of a fleet will also be paid a salary or hourly where as independent drivers will be required to earn their income on a per job basis.

The vast majority of truck driving jobs will require drivers to use highways and freeways in order ship goods. While traveling on the highway truckers have to be mindful of other motorists and they must pay attention to the laws for truckers in each state. Believe it or not truck drivers should be in good physical condition before accepting this job. They must have good health in order to do this line of work. Truck drivers are required to have great hand-eye coordination for maneuvering rigs. They should not have any major medical issues that will cause them problems while out on the road. Laws also require truckers to have good hearing and sight. Stamina is necessary since they will spend a great deal of time driving and transporting loads.

A Day in the Life of a Trucker

A trucker’s job primarily consists of driving long distances over the road. However, they do have many other tasks that they must perform as a part of their employment.

• Load and unload cargo. • Follow safety procedures whenever they transport hazardous waste materials • Plot out routes and maintain travel logs. • Record information about cargo and fuel expenditures • Communicate with dispatchers, other drivers and customers through the use of computer technology. • Report major accidents or incidents while out on the road. • Inspect rig before and after transporting a load. • Perform maintenance on a rig and equipment needed for transporting shipments. • Maintain log book and manage bills of lading.

These are some of the major responsibilities for individuals who are employed in truck driving jobs.

The average wage for truck drivers is about $30,000 and the highest paid drivers usually work in industries related to fuel or hazardous waste disposal. Trucker in these industries can earn as much as $50,000 a year. Certain states also pay their drivers more money on average than others. Alaska is the highest paying state to date and drivers typically earn about $43,000 annually. The trucking industry is expected to grow 14% by the year 2020.