New Trucker’s Guide to Buying a Truck


1.     Operating environment of heavy trucks and deployment planning of trucks

Before purchasing, you must first determine the type and specification of heavy-duty trucks and the truckload that can be tracked, whether it is bulk load, ore, liquid truck go, or chemicals and dangerous goods; whether the truck needs reinforcement, lashing, and additional equipment for wind and rain protection, etc.

2.     Fuel consumption of heavy trucks

Under normal circumstances, the fuel consumption cost is equivalent to 1% of the fuel consumption of heavy truck transportation. At present, with the high fluctuation of oil prices, the share of fuel cost in the transportation cost of heavy trucks has been expanding, reaching or even exceeding 30%. Therefore, reducing and controlling the fuel consumption rate of truck engines has always been a condition that we attach great importance to when purchasing a new truck.

3.     Performance of heavy trucks

Truck Model, Width, Height, Cabin Material, Manufacturer, Sales Performance, Rate of recovery, Engine Model, Power, Manufacturer, etc.

4.     Compliance with laws and regulations

When purchasing, you should seriously consider the humanized safety conditions of heavy-duty trucks in terms of relevant laws and regulations.

Its contents include the performance of heavy trucks related to occupational labor safety and health conditions, such as heavy truck cab windshield vision, side mirrors, steering wheels, clutches, lights, signal lights and various equipment and facilities required by laws and regulations must be safe and reliable. Standard; driver seat, seat belt, airbag, and truck towing accessories must fit securely. The truck collision avoidance system and driver fatigue warning system must be perfected, the speed limit and braking devices must be qualified, the mechanical noise inside and outside the cab meets international standards, and the quality of related mechanical parts is qualified, with replacement warranty certificates, etc.;

5.     Equipment layout of the truck, interior and exterior trim

When purchasing, be sure to fully check the color, model, interior and exterior appearance, driver seat, and passenger seat style and fabric quality, including the cab decoration. Because a clean, tidy, comfortable, reasonable equipment layout and good interior and exterior appearance of heavy trucks can help trucking companies or truck owners beautify the company’s image, facilitate the business promotion, and allow truck drivers to improve their self-esteem, work with peace of mind, and actively maintain trucks to make.

6.     Premium brand, the first choice

Sinotruk has always adhered to independent innovation and is an enterprise with many patents in China’s automobile industry. Moreover, It has a testing laboratory accredited by the “China National Accreditation Committee for Laboratories”, and has a full range of research and development and Testing capabilities, various processing, testing, testing, and other high-level, sophisticated, and cutting-edge equipment, engines, trucks, components vibration, strength testing, and other equipment have reached the world’s advanced level.

Sinotruk topped the monthly sales list for five consecutive months, and Sinotruk was the only one that achieved sales of over 10,000 in that month. In the transportation rankings, Sinotruk has also been occupying a high position.

7.     The economical speed range of the engine

As the displacement increases, the optimal economic speed of the engine is also gradually decreasing. Because the torque generated by the high-horsepower and large-displacement engine is greater than that of the small-horsepower and small-displacement engine, its reserve power is enough to maintain a relatively low displacement. High truck speed and it is within the optimal economic speed range, so that the truck not only meets the higher speed but also does not consume fuel due to the high speed, so as to achieve the best fuel economy.

According to your own transportation situation, if you are engaged in high-speed express transportation on long-distance trunk lines, choose a power chain with a small speed ratio + high-horsepower and large-displacement engine; if you choose a truck with a high-speed ratio + high horsepower + heavy frame, then this truck is also It is built for overloading, and it is absolutely impossible to put it into express delivery; if the running route is a large proportion of national highways, due to the low speed of low-speed national highways, appropriately increase the main deceleration ratio, which can increase the speed of trucks on low-speed national highways. The driving force of the truck can also reduce the driving speed of the truck. For driving on national highways where the common speed is not high, the fuel consumption of the truck can be reduced.

8.     Reasonable power reserve

Mainstream tractors basically use a 12-speed gearbox as standard, because this can meet the daily driving needs of truck lovers. If the road conditions for transportation are steep and sharp, you can choose a gearbox with 16 or more gears, because, in complex road conditions, the first gear (first gear) speed is higher than the gearbox, which can effectively protect the clutch and transmission of the truck. part. If you are only driving in simple road conditions, you can choose a gearbox with fewer gears, which can shorten the shifting time and reduce part of the purchase cost.

9.     The choice of tires directly affects rolling resistance – fuel consumption

In addition to focusing on the “power chain” of an “engine-gearbox-rear axle” truck, tires are also one of the basic elements to consider. Therefore, if our operating conditions are mainly high speed, we only need to consider the key indicators of tire wear resistance and drainage, and if the demand is met, fuel consumption can be minimized.

If our operating conditions are non-paved roads and the tires need to provide a strong grip, then we need to choose tires with large patterns to maintain greater friction between the truck tires and the ground, which can reduce the amount of time the truck travels. Risk of “skidding” on the road surface.

Of course, there are many factors that influence the purchase of a truck.

In fact, the cost of purchasing a truck only accounts for about 12% of the whole life cycle of the truck, and the maintenance and repair cost accounts for the largest proportion, so it is a good investment to spend more money to improve the configuration of the entire truck.

The power chain composed of “engine + gearbox + axle” is the basic configuration of the truck, and it is also an important configuration that determines whether the truck can save fuel to the greatest extent during operation.

From the point of view of function alone, with the blessing of a good configuration of the truck, at least a large part of the cost of truck maintenance will be reduced. From the perspective of the long-term use of the truck, the relevant configuration of the truck can also directly determine the fuel consumption of the truck in the later operation process. Therefore, when purchasing a truck, it is very important to choose the right truck configuration, so that the fuel consumption of the truck can be controlled within a reasonable range as much as possible. to save some fuel costs.