What to Do If You Get into a Crash with an 18-Wheeler in Texas


More than 239,000 people were injured due to traffic accidents in Texas last year, which highlights just how dangerous our roads can be. With more than 15.5 million trucks, of which 2.9 million are 18-wheelers, operating throughout the U.S., it’s not surprising that 38,149 crashes in Texas in 2021 involved a commercial vehicle.

However, knowing how to react when an accident occurs can help to prevent further complications and distress. With this in mind, take a look at these five things to do if you get into a crash with an 18-wheeler:

Get to Safety

If you can, try to move to a safe location as quickly as possible. The severity of the incident (and your injuries) will determine whether you’re able to navigate safely, so don’t try to move yourself or your vehicle unless you’re sure it’s safe to do so. By making your way off the road or highway, for example, you can ensure that you’re not impacted by other vehicles on the road.

Seek Medical Help After Your Houston Truck Accident

Of the 66,988 traffic accidents in Houston last year, nearly 1,400 people sustained serious injuries, with a further 7,231 people suffering minor injuries. As the size and weight of an 18-wheeler can result in catastrophic damage, it’s vital to access medical help quickly. You may need to call 911 to access emergency assistance, for example, or you may be able to make your own way to the nearest ER.

Report the Incident to the Houston Police Department

When a semi-truck accident occurs, the police will typically investigate the cause of the incident and help to re-open the road after debris from the crash has been cleared. If the individual responsible for the incident is suspected of committing a criminal act, such as speeding or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the police will also take further action against them.

Contact a Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

Any crash involving an 18-wheeler can result in serious injuries and extensive property damage, which is why it’s important to contact an experienced truck accident lawyer in Houston as soon as you’re able to. In addition to protecting your liability, a truck accident attorney can determine whether you’re eligible to obtain compensation and, if so, who you need to make a claim against.

Notify Your Insurance Company

If you haven’t read the small print on your insurance contract, you may not know that you’re required to notify your insurance company of any collisions, usually within a specific time. It’s worth being aware of this so that you can adhere to the terms and conditions if an accident does occur. While it may not be the first thing on your mind after an accident involving an 18-wheeler, be sure to let your insurance company know what’s happened as soon as you’re able to do so.

Recovering From a Truck Accident in Houston, TX

Even if you don’t sustain life-threatening injuries, 18-wheeler truck accidents can leave you feeling shaken and anxious, so take the time you need to recover from the ordeal and seek help if you need to. With practical, medical, and legal assistance in the aftermath of a truck accident, you can get the expert support you need and overcome the physical, emotional, and financial upheaval that a road traffic accident can cause.