Travel all over the US and control your toll expenses with the Uproad app


Uproad gets in touch with the toll agencies, sends the driver real-time notifications, and automatically handles the payments.

More and more US drivers install the new Uproad app. This mobile tolling solution brings more transparency and convenience than windshield tags or transponders. The app doesn’t cover all the 5,000 miles of toll roads in the country yet is rapidly expanding. If it’s not available in your state now, it will arrive soon.

The app has two versions, for Android and iOS, and is available for free. Once the driver installs it and sets up their account, they can take a toll road as early as the next day.

The system allows the user to link up to ten cars to their account. Then, they should indicate the preferred payment method and wait until the ‘Active’ label shows up in the interface next to your vehicle. The label turns green once the Uproad team activates the car with toll agencies.

When the driver takes a toll road, the app will notify them and show an estimated price. As soon as the tolling agency posts charges to their account, Uproad covers it automatically using the balance funds. The app will not access your bank card directly; it will use the deposited funds in your account balance.

If you prefer to control your expenses manually, Uproad will notify you once your balance is low. You will need to replenish it yourself. Alternatively, you can enable the Autopay mode. In this case, you’ll never hit a negative balance because the app will top it up automatically each time it goes too low.

Uproad allows you to select Credit or Debit cards, Venmo, or PayPal as your payment options. On top of each transaction the app processes, it will charge you a small service fee. However, you can avoid this fee if you frequently travel on toll roads. Just purchase the yearly Premium membership, and it will cut down your expenses.

The Uproad functionality is not limited to helping you avoid late fees and automating your tolling experience. It also makes sure that all your future toll charges remain transparent.

The app features an integrated trip calculator. This tool enables the driver to estimate their upcoming expenses before setting out on a journey. If needed, the user can separate their work and private payments.

If the driver has any questions about the app’s functioning or would like to dispute toll charges, the Uproad support team will be glad to help them. You will never need to get in touch with the tolling authorities yourself. All you need to do to use the app is to always carry your smartphone with you. Enjoy your freedom!