3 Ways to Help Your Taxi Business Thrive During Covid-19


Are you running a taxi business during Covid-19? Are you worried that your business is dwindling and want some tips and tricks to pick up the pace again? Have a read through this article for three great ways to keep your taxi business thriving during Covid-19.

Advertise Online

Advertising online is an essential way to get your business out into the public eye during the pandemic. Advertising online doesn’t have to be as tricky as it might sound. You could create your own website but if you don’t feel like you have the funds or the skills to do so then simply advertising on existing online platforms is a great way to start. You will be surprised how much your business picks up once you start to advertise online.

Another great way to advertise online is to create an online social media presence. It’s important to create a social media presence, especially to start engaging with a younger audience – create an Instagram page and a Facebook page and start engaging with people on those platforms. To advertise your business, post high quality pictures that promote your brand, respond to enquiries quickly, and make your business as a whole look sleek and professional.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Having your vehicle cleaned regularly is essential to keeping your taxi business thriving during the pandemic. It’s important to do a deep clean of your vehicle at least once a week, this means scrubbing all the surfaces with a disinfectant spray and wiping down the seats. If you want to be extra thorough, you could hire a professional car cleaning service to give your car a going over on the regular.

Make sure to also wipe the car down after each passenger steps out, and provide hand sanitizer to all passengers.

Add Extra Safety Features

Adding extra safety features will be attractive to all your customers. Cars can be a tricky place to be during Covid-19 – they are small, compact spaces with little airflow so it is understandable that your customers will expect you to go the extra mile when adding safety features to limit the spread of the virus.

One of the best safety features you can buy is a Sneeze GuardEZ – sneeze guards are a sheet of clear plastic material that you place between you (the driver) and your passengers as a physical barrier to stop the spread of harmful pathogens from moving between the front and back sections of the car. Whenever people sneeze, cough or even talk, they let out tiny droplets of harmful pathogens into the atmosphere. It’s important for both you as the driver and for your customers that there is a physical barrier in the car to stop these pathogens from spreading.

Your business will really pick up once you start implementing these small changes. You customers are more likely to find out about your business with some savvy online advertising and are more likely to be repeat customers when they can rest assured that you are taking all the health and safety precautions that you could possibly take to keep your customers extra safe.