How to Find the Perfect Trucking Niche as an Owner-Operator


People are often warned that trucking is one of the most competitive business sectors to be in, but that’s only partially true. There are tons of underserved niches out there with virtually no competition. This is where you could have the chance to make big money and be overwhelmed with demand. Instead of looking at the most obvious options, you should spend more time looking for a great niche and delivering the best service that you can. Let’s take a look at how you can find a perfect niche as an owner-operator.

Think About Services

One reason why many owner-operators fail is that they have a limited view of what they can do. Some people will only focus on commodities but overlook the service part of the business. There are many services that you could offer that could pay much more if you only opened your horizons.

One of them is the sanitary business. You could start a vacuum truck service, or you could rent porta potties and portable restrooms. You could start with nothing but a few porta-potties and a portable restroom truck that could be used at events or construction sites, for instance. You can get restroom trucks from Satellite Industries made according to your specifications and start with a modest budget; you might be surprised by how many calls you get.

Think Regional

We also suggest that you restrict yourself to the smallest geographical area possible. Staying with a product or service that serves regional clients comes with many benefits. The biggest one is that you’ll be able to save on fuel costs. Reducing distances is also beneficial if there’s lots of deadheading involved.

Look at Labor

As an owner-operator, you want to keep operating costs as low as possible. One of the things you have to limit is the number of people you will need. You also want to avoid any type of load that requires any special treatment. Going with loads that don’t require special care in or on the trailer or at the time of delivery will bring higher profits.

Look at Your Areas of Interest

Some say that following your passion is overrated, but the fact remains that work feels like work when you do something you love. There are so many fun things that you can do in this industry.

If you have a passion for all things green, you could be delivering wind turbines or solar panels, for instance. Some may have a passion for agriculture and food, and you could learn a lot about the industry by being an agricultural transporter. Some deliver custom cars; others deliver rides at amusement parks and fairs or children’s playsets.

If someone needs it, it can be transported. So don’t hesitate to look at jobs you see yourself doing and where you think you could enjoy yourself. The more you love what you do, the more caring you’ll be and the better your reputation will get.

Finding a niche in trucking is not that complicated. All you have to do is come in with an open mind and look at where there might be underserved needs.