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Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update - Energy Information Administration

Diesel Average Down For 10th Straight Week

The Diesel average fell again for the 10th consecutive week to $2.668 per gallon, a difference of 0.055 cents cheaper according to a report from the Department of Energy on Aug. 3. From this...
Fuel Cards VS Credit Cards

5 Advantages Of Using Fuel Cards VS Credit Cards

Even with diesel prices dropping, fuel is still one of the largest expenses for carriers. The better you’re able to control that cost, the more profitable your business will be. One of the easiest...

Fuel Efficient Technology Already Exist In The Trucking Industry

Fuel Efficient Technology Will Reduce Emissions On June 19th, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed new limits on greenhouse gases from heavy-duty trucks. According to the EPA, the new regulations would cut 1 billion metric tons of greenhouse...
New Fuel Regulations For Trucking Industry

New Regulation Would Reduce Carbon Pollution In Heavy-Duty Trucks

A new rule issued by the Environmental Protection Agency and Transportation Department will have a focus on the continued efforts to cut pollution. The new regulation would reduce carbon pollution in heavy-duty trucks. The...