NTSB Offers Recomendations-Truck Driver Safety



Source: NTSB Logo
Source: NTSB Logo

The National Transportation Safety Board met in Washington on Thursday, urging the National Highway Safety Administration to consider recommendations that promote truck driver safety. The NTSB made seven recommendations to improve tractor-trailer safety. The NTSB recommendations come from a prior study that concluded various issues of safety with tractor-trailers. After reading through these proposed recommendations, we feel these are the ones that need serious attention.

Both large single-unit trucks and tractor-trailers have numerous blind spots on their side that increase risk for injury or death. There’s a serious need for improved vision on the sides of trucks. Tractor-trailers have blind spots and if they don’t see you, you’re asking for disaster. Safety improvements need to be made to ensure everyone arrives safely to their destination.

Millions of large trucks travel our roadways every day, transporting goods and keeping the American economy moving,” said NTSB Chairman Deborah A.P. Hersman. “But research shows that eliminating blind spots and under ride events would reduce fatalities and injuries involving other road users.”

Side collisions with tractor-trailers cause about 500 deaths each year and many of the deaths involved side under ride. This can be avoided with some type of safety measure, such as side under ride protection bars. The announced recommendation would urge the NHTSA to require protection systems for new and all current tractor-trailers.

From the first day you take your CDL test and everyday in between, we are taught that safety matters. It’s very important that we continue to improve safety for ourselves and safety for others.

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