Trucking And Transportation Sectors Continue Growth


Trucking Sector Grows In March 2014

Trucking Growing Stronger

Trucking and transportation sectors continue to grow, a sign that the trucking industry is strong and growing. The Labor Department reported on April 4th that trucking accounted for 3,300 new jobs in March. Transportation and warehousing sectors, both in relation with trucking, added 7,900 jobs in the month of March.

Although manufacturing lost 1,000 jobs in March, we’re seeing good growth in the right sectors. Possibly more important, 192,000 total jobs were added in March. Despite the up and down course of stocks, we added 192,000 jobs last month. The expected growth was set for 200,000 and despite the lower growth, this shows that everyone is optimistic in the economy.

The trucking sector has seen good growth for the past 2 years. We’ve seen a bumpy course over the last few months due to the bad winter. Even with one of the worse winters on record, we still saw months of growth. Heading into Spring and Summer, we expect to see continued growth throughout the year.

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