Women Truck Drivers Are Still Facing Discrimination

Women Truck Drivers
Women Truck Drivers
Ice Road Trucker’s Lisa Kelly, one of the most well known women truck drivers in the world.

Women truck drivers are still facing discrimination and this issue was brought to life in court recently. A federal judge has found a Missouri-based trucking company guilty of discrimination against women truck drivers. The judge ruled Monday that New Prime Inc., based in Springfield, was guilty of violating law when women truck drivers were only allowed to be trained by other women drivers.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sued New Prime Inc. over the practice back in 2011. The suit alleged that the policy limited women’s access to jobs or delayed women from being hired. New Prime tried to get the case dismissed prior but failed. In March of 2013, New Prime canceled their Women-Train-Women policy. New Prime started this policy in 2003 after a male truck driver was reported to sexually harass a women truck driver.

Apparently, women truck drivers are still facing discrimination. Looking back at this case, considering what happened in 2003, I can understand why New Prime made the decisions they did. I truly do. However, you still have to abide by the law. No woman truck driver should ever be discriminated against. Women truck drivers are just as capable as any man. I believe New Prime made a mistake and they didn’t respond to the first incident as they should.

I want to hear back from you, especially women truck drivers. As a female truck driver, have you ever been discriminated against? Men, have you seen a female truck driver be discriminated against? I’m curious to get your feedback. You don’t have to leave your real name to comment and voice your opinion.