Should You Get A Truck Wrap? Let’s Talk Truck Graphics

Truck Wraps

There’s many ways to promote your trucking business and get more eyes on your business. While we still feel digital marketing is one of the best strategies, another strategy that’s very effective is truck wraps. If you’re not familiar with vehicle wraps, we’re referring to getting graphics put on your truck. Not only can use graphic design wraps for your business, you can also use your truck to advertise other companies – that can add a LOT of additional revenue for your trucking business.

When it comes to getting your truck wrapped, there’s a lot of different ways to go about it. Just to give you an idea of the process, it would look like something like this:

  • Research wrap pros and cons (due diligence)
  • Create your graphic design wrap idea
  • Get specific with the elements you’re going to use (name, phone, URL, message)
  • Figure out where you want to place it on your truck
  • Find a graphic design agency that does vehicle wraps

Vehicle Wraps Catch Your Attention

This is a beautiful vehicle wrap for a bus, this one was done by SOULO. This vehicle wrap looks amazing, this is a Minnesota Twins vehicle wrap for Fox Sports North. We love it.

Now, this bus is on the road all the time. If you saw this driving by, would it grab your attention? Yeah, it likely would. That’s the power of having a vehicle wrapped with advertising and marketing materials.

Here’s another wrap on a truck.

This one is from Air Mechanical.

Your truck has plenty of room to add a company logo, phone number, address, website URL, and a on-point message that will get out to the masses.

Most of our fellow truck drivers do have graphic vehicle wraps, or at the very least, you have some type of graphics on your truck. It likely has your company name and number. The question is, are you utilizing all your space effectively? If you’re not, open that space up for advertisements. Nobody is going to complain about adding an additional stream of revenue – especially in today’s economy.

Wraps Can Provide More Protection Than A Coat Of Paint

There’s a long list of why truck wraps are beneficial, one that’s less known than others is the fact that vehicle wraps can last a long time. In fact, wraps can last longer than paint jobs.

Every trucker knows, when you’re putting highway miles on the truck, your truck constantly takes a beating. You can get a new paint job and within a few weeks, you can see chipping. High quality vehicle wraps can also give your truck added protection, they can last for many years.

Wraps Have A Unlimited Amount Of Custom Options

Custom vehicle wraps offer a wide array of colors, textures, and finishes, giving you an unmatched level of customization possibilities. It doesn’t matter if you’re aiming for a glossy look, sleek matte finish, or you want to be the one with vibrant colors, car wraps let you express your style without the permanence of a paint job. That’s a big deal.

Removing And Maintenance

Maintaining your truck wrap is a straightforward process. You do want to make sure you’re cleaning your wrap on a regular basis. This keeps it looking pristine, and if you ever decide to go back to the original paint or change the wrap design, removal is a hassle-free task that won’t damage the underlying paint.

Professional car wrap installation is a relatively simple and easy process compared to that of traditional painting. This means less downtime for your truck, that’s music to our ears there.

Final Thoughts On Car And Truck Wraps

Custom vinyl wraps, like any other decision you’re going to make in life, it has pros and cons. On one hand, it offers a unique way to personalize your truck, providing a protective layer against the elements and potentially saving you money. If you use your space strategically, it can also make you money.

On the other hand, it may cause damage to the original paintwork, and it will always have a limited lifespan. Having your truck wrapped will be a big investment for some of you, others not so much.

At the very least, we feel they’re worth considering and wanted to let you know our thoughts on the topic. What do you think – are you using wraps to promote your trucking company? Promoting others? Let us know below.

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