Legislative Proposal For More Toll Roads


trucking toll roadsMore Interstate Toll Roads?

The trucking community knows all to well about the financial mess that continues to go on in concerns of our highways. This stretches further then just trucking, all of us are affected. With the recent winter season now over, highways are covered with potholes and damage. Why? There’s no money to fix the roads. More importantly, there’s no solutions in sight. Well, there is one but the trucking community objects to it completely. Proposals and recommendations for interstate toll roads have been made and the bill is already in legislation.

The Highway Innovative Financing Act of 2014┬áis already in legislation. Here’s the bill description as stated in legislation. Highway Innovative Financing Act of 2014 – Amends the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 to remove limits on the number of state or local governments or public authorities with which the Secretary of Transportation (DOT) may enter into cooperative agreements to establish value pricing pilot programs (in effect, allowing extension of the programs to all such authorities).

Amends the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21) to increase from 3 to 10 the number of IS highways, bridges, or tunnels where a state may collect tolls for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Interstate System highway corridors.
The chances of this new bill passing are slim, approval ratings are below 10 percent according to the website. There’s already enough toll roads, the industry doesn’t need anymore. Is it another way to fund highways? Will this bill ever get the support it needs? Only time will tell.

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