Electronic Logging Devices Expected To Be Published In April


Electonic Logging DevicesElectronic Logging Devices are now closer then ever and you can bet that E-Logs are going to hurt tens of thousands of truck drivers. The E-Log mandate cleared the White Houses’s Office of Management and Budget yesterday, on March 11th. With the mandate passed and officially clear, you’re going to see it published in the upcoming weeks.

According to the Department of Transportation, the Electronic Logging Device mandate is expected to be published on April 9th. This E-Log mandate is the same rule that was expected to be published back in November. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration submitted this rule to the White House’s Office of Management and Budget back on August 7th of 2013. According to the records, it was projected to be published in November 2013.

The Office of Management and Budget has set publication dates throughout the last few months but the Electronic Logging Devices were never passed. Now that it has been officially cleared by the OMB, it won’t be long before all truck drivers are required to have Electronic Logging Devices recording their every move down to the second.

Electronic Logging Devices have been a hot topic for the past year and after many failed publication attempts, we expect that it won’t be long before E-Logs are everywhere. Needless to say, many truck drivers are outraged by these events. Many company trucking companies have already switched to Electronic Logging Devices.

“If they publish the E-Log mandate, I’ll find a new career. The DOT and OMB is going to ruin the trucking industry. If you don’t think that this won’t effect the economy, you’re a fool. Watch and see,” said one independent truck driver. Downtime has become a main topic for many drivers. What will Electronic Logging Devices mean for independent truck drivers? Small trucking businesses? Owner operators? Will E-Logs stunt the recent growth in the trucking industry?