Star Wars The Force Awakens Brings Fan Mania

Star Wars The Force Awakens Movie

Star Wars The Force Awakens Movie

Star Wars Mania Heats Up

On the verge of likely what will be the number one selling movie of all-time when its done, the new Star Wars The Force Awakens movie is bringing the crazies out of the woodwork. Star War fans around the world have been blowing up social media since the new Star Wars movie was announced months ago. If you use the hashtag #StarWarsMovie or #TheForceAwakens, you’ll see some crazy videos and pictures.

And if you have a great Star Wars moment or story over the last few months, leave a comment.

My Star Wars Moment

Which leads me to my own Star Wars moment. I’m driving down the road a few days ago and there was a cattle truck going down the road. I saw it in my rearview and noticed that there were streams over toilet paper or regular paper attached to the truck. I noticed when the truck would pass by a vehicle, he would start honking. I’m thinking in my head,”WTF is this?”

Now, I want you to picture this. This cattle truck is some 20-25 feet long. The trailer is completely caged in. A mile or so up the road, we get to the red light. The truck pulls to my left in the fast lane. I have a car in front of me, so I’m back toward the trailer. While talking to my wife, I begin hearing the damn Star Wars theme. “Is that the Star Wars song,” I asked my wife. She looked at me laughed, “yeah, I think it is.”

The red light is a little long, so I know for sure I’m hearing that damn song. I’m in my Mustang at this time, so I’m low to the ground. To see the truck, I have to make an effort. But as I do, I’m shocked at what I see.

“Ash, look at this shit.” It’s freakin Darth Vader! Are you freakin serious??? Low and behold, the source of the music. In the back of the cattle truck, Darth Vader, Storm Troopers and other characters from the movie have their light sabers and they are going at it. Of all times to not have my iPhone, I’m still ticket. But this as funnier than hell. It was actually pretty cool. But I thought it made for a great story.

We’re driving in West Virginia and behold, a cattle truck pulling Darth Vader, Yoda and company around.

New Star Wars Movie Will Break Records

There’s no question in my mind that Star Wars The Force Awakens will break a lot of records. I was born in the early 80s, not the 60s-70s. Back when Star Wars was real popular. But it amazes me of the new fans that the movie has, the support has been unreal. So make my word, records will be broken, this is going to be the new all-time leading movie when it’s done in the box office.