Safety Hazards For Truck Drivers

Truck Driver Hazards

Truck Driver Hazards

Safety On The Road For All Drivers

Truck drivers face hazards on a continuous basis from start to finish of each working day. Sure, many of us know that truck driving is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. However, others really don’t understand everything a driver deals with on any given haul. This infographic by Vehicle Safety Supply goes into great detail about the many dangers that drivers face. And as a fellow driver, this can open your eyes to that danger because truck driver safety is always a concern.

When we’re talking about safety hazards for truck drivers, we’re looking at fatal hazards and non-fatal hazards. The leading fatal safety hazard for truck drivers is collisions with other vehicles at 70 percent. Non-fatal hazards for truck drivers is led by overextension and bodily reaction at 35 percent, falls/slips/trips in a close second at 30 percent.

Preventive Safety Measures For Truck Drivers

While safety hazards for truck drivers are everywhere on the road, there’s a lot of preventive steps that can be took to lower your risk of injury or death. Let’s talk about driving time, our normal 14 hours (coming on duty) that we’re given to drive. 14 hours is already a lot of time. Each hour that you go over puts your life at risk and the lives of others. It’s not worth it (and I get it, I’m a driver) but you have to keep it at 14 hours. Know your hours of service (HOS)

Take plenty of breaks. You need the exercise anyway, but more importantly, you need a break. Do take the time to get out of the truck every few hours, stretch your legs, any type of activity is going to be a benefit. If you’re tired, pull the truck over and get a nap in. Get woke back up, grab something to eat. At least allow yourself 20 minutes (after a nap) before you get back to driving.

And below, you’ll see more great safety tips for all levels of drivers. Everyone’s safety is involved when you’re out there on the road. Please be safe, always be aware of your surroundings and get there safely.
Top Safety Hazards for Truck Drivers
Top Safety Hazards for Truck Drivers