Senator Tom Carper Proposes Raising Fuel Taxes


Senator Carper Wants Higher Fuel Taxes

A democratic senator from Delaware is proposing to raise fuel taxes over the next four years. That senator is Tom Carper. Senator Carper is a senior transportation authorizer. The purpose of the fuel tax hike would be to support the Highway Trust Fund, which honestly needs funded for the long-term.

The TRAFFIC Relief Act was unveiled last week and proposed to increase gas and diesel taxes by four cents a year for four years. At this time, diesel taxes are 18.4 cents while fuel taxes are a little higher at 24.4 cents. Both have not been changed since 1993. Carper feels those numbers should be adjusted due to inflation.

It’s more than obvious that the U.S. government does not want to fund the Highway Trust Fund. Just a few weeks ago, Obama extended the fund for another 3 months, the 34th time doing so in the history of the Highway Trust Fund. Carper feels that the raising fuel taxes will be a big boost to funding the trust.

In total, fuel taxes would nearly double and some are not happy about it. “It doesn’t surprise me,” veteran truck driver Anderson Davis told Truckers Logic. “The government sure as hell don’t want to pay it, so they pass it on to us. If you don’t drive much, it’s no big deal. But if you drive like we do, it adds up.

Democrat Senator Tom Carper is all for it. Carper added that it’s time we act with the current fuel prices. “Funding our nation’s transportation system offers a very attractive return on investment for American taxpayers,Carper stated. “Better roads, safer bridges, and more convenient public transit make businesses more competitive, help workers be more productive, and allow families to spend more time together.

The proposed fuel tax hike would cost 16 more cents per gallon with the proposed rates.

While Carper is right in some ways, in others he’s not. Or do you support what the Delaware senator stated? Think about it, fuel prices are the lowest it has been in years. So how do we get rewarded? Likely with higher fuel taxes, if everything goes as Carper plans. Just doesn’t seem fair. We want to know what you think. Do you support the fuel tax hike? Comment below!

Image Source: Postal News