Truck Drivers Need To Stand Up Against The Industry’s Bottom Feeder Companies

Truck Drivers Fighting Big Trucking Business

Truck Drivers Fighting Big Trucking Business

I recently read a great discussion at The Truckers Report discussing new truck drivers entering the industry, the available tools that truck drivers have access to voice their concerns and opinions. Ultimately, we beg to ask the question, “why don’t truck drivers speak up?” You can read the discussion below and we appreciate the shoutout UKJ.

Here at Truckers Logic, we always encourage truck drivers of all levels to voice their opinions, concerns and suggestions. We invite both truck drivers and companies to use our platforms to reach an audience that we’ve been building and promoting for the past 2 years. The trucking industry has a variety of good trusted resources online for truck drivers, but why do only a few choose to voice their opinion?

Truck Drivers Have Social Media

One of the great things about social media is the fact that all of us have platforms to positively express our concerns. Most of us have a Facebook page. If we don’t, a partner does, likely even your kids. We probably stand to learn from our kids because they have grew up with this new technology that many of us have not. Sure, we saw it in Star Wars but who would have thought we’d come so far.

Most truck drivers are using smartphones, we even favor this over traditional GPS. We can nearly do it all from our smartphones. While most of us pay no attention to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, I believe it’s a mistake on our part to do so. Sure, we watch a funny video or see an interesting post, I’m not referring to this aspect. Rather, we don’t use social media to voice our concerns, suggestions and opinions.

A small percentage of millions of truck drivers do use social media. We use websites and blogs just like this to voice our concerns, to offer help, encourage new truck drivers and even encouraging truck drivers to speak up. Sure, our industry has some personalities that feel the air waves, we have access to all the major trucking groups. But why don’t we see more truck drivers taking action in bad circumstances?

Port Truck Drivers Are The Perfect Example

Take the port strikes for example. I know these truck drivers take a lot of heat, far more than the scandalous companies they work for, but you have to give them credit for trying. And by doing so, we take an interest in the scenario, we give them a voice, we can understand cause many of us have walked those shoes.

What have the L.A. port and Long Beach port strikes taught us? Anything? I do know this, too many complaints for nothing to be wrong. And I don’t need to blast the companies, you likely know anyway, but we don’t have the facts, we’re not there. I haven’t read no investigation and it’s not my job to assume. But with saying that, something isn’t right there and I commend our industry groups for standing by those drivers.

Most importantly? They were heard ladies and gentlemen. Their voice, their concerns, the world heard them and that is more valuable than anything. Think about that. When we stand as one, represent one voice, we can be heard. Thank your fellow drivers for websites like this, for trucking groups that are willing to put their neck out for you to support the fellow driver, big and small. I love that because in the end, we’re a brotherhood, no offense ladies. We do have a voice and we can accomplish great things but we can also rewrite the wrong.

Driver Risk vs Reward

Most truck drivers keep on the down-low because they feel it may risk everything they know. Rightfully so, I know I would be up s*** creek without my route. Sad to say, I have known several drivers in bad situations. It’s one thing to have a d*** boss, we all get that. But to be treated differently than your counterparts, that’s not right. In fact, that’s discrimination and that’s illegal.

What does a truck driver benefit from taking on big trucking business anyway? If he or she is lucky, someone will hear them out.

New Truck Drivers Have The Opportunity To Be Great

And this is more in tune to what everyone was discussing and the reason for this article, discussing new truck drivers coming into the industry. It’s a doggy dog world anywhere you go, the trucking industry is no different. Not everyone can do this job. On the road seven days a week, thousands of miles away from home, hoping for some hometime for the month. It takes a special man and women to do it, but someone has to.

New truck drivers, rookie truck drivers, you have just as much opportunity as the next. I still see trucking companies offering under $0.30 cents a mile for new drivers. You don’t have to settle for less. Especially with the high turnover rates and lack of drivers, this is probably one of the best times to enter the trucking industry. The industry is strong, plenty of open loads. Companies are hiring left and right, big sign on bonuses, good incentives. The key to note, you can find better paying jobs other than the same old bottom feeder trucking companies wanting you to work for near nothing.

I give credit to UKJ and others for exposing these very facts and for making the effort to warn new truck drivers about such companies.

Truckers Logic Is A Voice For Us All

I know for a certain fact that most truck drivers keep quiet, we all have our reasons. But we’re not referring to only criticizing bad trucking companies, but rather, I think we’re asking for more truck drivers to be vocal. There’s millions of truck drivers in the U.S. alone. This is why we open our platform for all truck drivers. You can register for a free account on Truckers Logic and you can become an author. So for any of you that are willing to share your experiences, voice your concerns, reach out to new truck drivers, Truckers Logic is here for you.

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For rookie truck drivers, we suggest taking the time to do your research. There’s a wide range of trusted sources that you can rely on. Here at Truckers Logic, we have hundreds of resources for all drivers, new and old. Dozens of trucking groups and associations provide equal trusted content for us all. Any type of research you do will only benefit you later.

Forgive me if I went off topic on this a little. But we do have a choice, you have a choice. If you know of a company before hand but ignore what you’ve been told or read, you’re going to be at fault. Sure, sometimes, there’s no fault on the drivers. One at a time though, these bottom feeder companies are being blasted and called out. I know we’re going to continue to support truck drivers as well as the rights of truck drivers. We do have reputable trucking companies, many of them. Before you EVER choose a company to work for, do your research and find the facts.

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