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Thanks for your interest in writing for Truckers Logic. We are currently looking for guest writers interested in writing and publishing content on the Truckers Logic platform. While we don’t directly pay our guest writers, if you write an article that has high performance, we do offer bonus payments based on article performance.

Growing Platform

There’s several great benefits for becoming a guest writer at Truckers Logic. For one, Truckers Logic is one of the fastest growing transportation and trucking platforms on the internet. Truckers Logic is just now beginning to expand more and reach record highs in traffic and total reach. We already have established traffic at Truckers Logic, readers that always look forward to new content.

Credit For All Content

Our guest writers take all the credit from the articles they publish. All of your content will be credited to your user name. Just like with other writing platforms, you’ll be able to edit old articles and improve articles as needed. And there’s no limit of the articles that you can publish on our platform. As long as it meets our requirements, you can post as much as you want. Truckers Logic will review all of your articles before it will be published on our network.

Promote Your Business For Free

Truckers Logic is a great platform for you to promote your business for free. As long as the article is beneficial and not overly promotional, you can publish content manner in any way that you wish. As long as your links are relative to the text chosen, you can list up to three in each article. With our domain authority increasing, as well as our page authority and link values, your business website can see great improvements from our do follow links.

Multiple Topics On Truckers Logic

At Truckers Logic, we do specialize in our main subject manner, “Trucking.” However, Truckers Logic covers news and resources on a number of different subjects, such as transportation, railroad, logistics, automotive and much more. We always welcome new ideas and suggestions, so feel free to share your opinions with the Truckers Logic staff.

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If your ready to start building your profile and business, sign up for Truckers Logic today for free. 99 percent of our articles are published an hour after it’s submitted to our website. We’re always available if you need to contact us by phone and email. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us today.