All American Toy Company Still Making Toy Trucks Decades Later

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Toy Trucks For Sale

Iconic Toy Trucks And The Legend

If you’re one of the older generation veteran truck drivers, you’ve likely heard of the All American Toy Company. For the past 67 years, All American Toy Company of Salem has been casting toy trucks. I remember being little and having the die cast trucks, dreaming of being truck driver. While the company has been through transitions over the years, we thought it was only right to honor the company that made my dreams come true and so many others. Not only have they put smiles on the faces of children around the country, they represent the American dream with honor and dignity.

From Kenworth toy trucks to the famous fire tanker, All American Toy Company has a wide array of toy trucks to choose from, not to mention all the limited edition collections that they offer. I remember when my father passed his toy trucks down to me, and as a father, I did the same for my son. Not only are the toy trucks a part of my life, they are a staple of a time and place that makes me feel like a child again.

They have a great collection of toy trucks, I highly recommend that you take the time to visit their online website and have a look for yourself. Truckers Logic is a proud supporter of the All American Toy Company and everything they represent, making dreams come true since 1947.