Performance of Fuel Shutoff Solenoid Expands Trucks Life


There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to make the most out of anything you use on a daily basis. The same goes for machines like trucks. Many truckers are probably already aware of this. And, without a doubt, this can never be if you do not place importance on improving its durability. If there’s one common denominator among trucks it’s probably that they’re the most overworked yet neglected vehicles for labor in the world. Neglected in the sense that, since they’re built to handle heavy work in the first place, it’s always generally assumed that they do not require that much maintenance as well.

This is certainly a very wrong way of thinking as the truck’s engine alone is already very vulnerable to environmental factors in the various places where the truck is deployed. While there are engines that are built to handle such hazards, it’s never wise to simply ignore the fact that without maintenance or improvements to it, it certainly won’t last as long as it had been intended to last. This is where the importance of the fuel shutoff solenoid comes in.

What is the Function of the Fuel Shutoff Solenoid?

Controls to fuel shutoff solenoids usually come in the form of switches placed in the driver’s compartment, emphasizing direct control from the driver. The switch is directly connected to the fuel shutoff solenoid, which is actually installed in the fuel pump. Once the engine has stopped, they can be used to “shut off” any further supply of fuel from the truck’s carburetor with the aid of a completely automated mechanism that kicks into action every time you turn your truck on or off.

The device does this by simply lifting a lever up, which then proceeds to disconnect the plungers from the fuel racks. Once you turn the key on, though, it automatically disengages and seamlessly opens up the fuel line. With such a mechanism, the fuel shutoff solenoid plays an important role in controlling the amount of fuel that enters the engine.

How Fuel Shutoff Solenoids Improve the Lifespan of Your Truck

The major role that it plays on improving the overall longevity of your truck has been proven with long-term use. After all, without fuel shutoff solenoids, fuel can freely enter the engine, making backfires very likely if the engine is running too rich. Of course, such backfires only ever damage the overall performance of your engine. The same can be said for more dangerous scenarios like inadvertently igniting the stagnant fuel. Keeping an idle engine free from excess fuel that it doesn’t need has undeniable benefits in the long run as well.

It’s clearly evident that the fuel shutoff solenoid is designed with practicality in mind. There’s also no denying the fact that it plays a big role in promoting safety while using diesel trucks, with its manual override feature. This is especially true if you inadvertently got into an accident and need to have the flow of fuel stopped as soon as possible. This is why it could prove to be a really wise decision to add them to your truck’s engine. For all the benefits that they provide, they are still arguably cheap and can be extremely reliable in various scenarios.

Author Bio:

Larry Buck is the CEO and the Founder of Foster Truck., a auto/truck parts and accessories selling company. He has 5 years of experience in handling the trucks with fuel shutoff solenoid. He shares new, exciting and informative discoveries found by surfing the net.