When it comes to solutions to have products delivered, hundreds of thousands have trusted uShip. uShip has a firm hold in freight transportation and has over a decade of experience shipping freight across the world. uShip primarily focuses on commercial freight, vehicles and household items. Although uShip may be more commonly known from their AE’s hit television show “Shipping Wars,” the company is also well known for delivering quality services.

uShip was founded in 2003 by Matt Chasen, Jay Manickam and Mickey Millsap. The following year, uShip launched and has never looked back. Their global headquarters is located in Austin, Texas. uShip has a long line of accomplishments in just 12 years. uShip has 670,000 registered transporters and a staggering 3.1 million customers registered with the company. Since 2004, uShip has seen $576 million dollars in transactions.

While uShip started in the United States, it has quickly become recognized as a global brand. It has localized sites in 19 different countries. It has regions on 6 continents. The company is highly respected and has over 600,000 feedback signals. Having verified driving credentials helped customers find the right person for the haul. It’s been a big factor why uShip has expanded as it has.

uShip has did a great job in all areas of the business. By providing cargo insurance, fraud protection and verified ratings for freight carriers, uShip has earned the trust of a big following.

The company hit main stream and the hearts of many when A&E decided to film uShip drivers in action. That show, “Shipping Wars.” How could we ever forget the likes of Roy Garber and his big personality. Watching Jarrett Joyce struggle weekly to survive during his “rookie” campaign. Or Marc Springer and his insights to “how to do the job right.” While the show didn’t reach great heights as Ice Road Truckers has, it still has a rightful place in the top 5 best reality shows based on trucking.

Shippers Can Save Up To 80 Percent On Cost

If you’re looking to ship items across the U.S., uShip has some of the best rates in the world. In fact, shippers can save up to 80 percent on their cost. Having transporters bid on your shipment keeps prices down, which is one of many reasons why uShip can save you money.

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