Rand McNally Intelliroute TND 520 GPS System


Best GPS Systems For Truck Drivers

Rand McNally Intelliroute TND 520 GPS System
The TND 520 GPS system is the perfect tool for any driver making long hauls.

There’s a number of different GPS systems out there that claim to be the best for truck drivers. If you have no experience with them, it can be a difficult choice. The Rand McNally Intelliroute TND 520 GPS system is a top of the line choice. I rate it at the top with the Cobra 6000 PRO HD GPS system. Both are great choices and two of the best GPS systems for truck drivers.Truck drivers have to travel more miles than the average person can fathom. As they are getting paid by the mile to deliver their loads on time, finding the best route for a big rig to travel is the key to a successful driving day. The average commuter GPS just doesn’t have the features that today’s truckers need. They need the best GPS systems for truck drivers that are available.
When you are looking for the top GPS systems for truckers, I highly recommend that you take a look at the Rand McNally Intelliroute TND 520 Truck GPS. The TND 520 is loaded with the features to make over the road travel less stressful on those long hauls, by doing some of the work for you. GPS systems are a vital tool to us all and you want a GPS that you can rely on. The TND 520 truck GPS system is highly effective and one of the most common GPS systems that our staff uses.

Intelliroute TND 520 GPS Size

The TND 520 is a perfect 5.5×3.75 inches in size. It’s just the right size to give easy placement while not taking up too much space. With the included suction mount, you can place the GPS easily within reach while leaving you an unrestricted view of the road and easy access to view your GPS when needed.

TND 500 Keeps You Updated On Weather

The weather functions in the TND 520 allow you to see current conditions, a weather forecast, and you can even choose from 10 different overlays. This will let you keep up with precipitation and wind conditions that are so important, especially the wind when you are hauling top heavy loads. As truck drivers, we have to always keep an eye out for bad weather. The winter season is coming up quickly and you want to make sure you’re completely prepared.

GPS System For Finding Fuel

The TND 520 GPS system has fuel finding capabilities as well, a major benefit over most GPS systems in the market. You can find a truck stop by the brand, in case you have brand specific fuel cards, or by price and fuel type. This function makes it simple to fuel up and get rolling again, saving you time, money and effort. The GPS also has a fuel log to allow you to easily keep up with your fuel purchases. You can keep up with your fuel by the date, the state, you can even calculate the fuel economy.

GPS System For Team Truck Drivers

Not forgetting that team drivers have special needs, the TND 520 Truck GPS can separate the team driver’s mileage and timers, making the paperwork a little easier on you both. Since time is at a premium on the road, this feature gets you moving again quicker. This GPS makes everything easier for team drivers, a great tool us all.

GPS Route Options

With the advanced features to help you find primary and alternate routes, you can keep to the driving timetable to get the load delivered on time. Options for exit and mile marker information are also available, as well as a “bread crumb” feature that lets you track where you have been. And a quick planner function even gives you the ability to calculate mileage and profit between cities.

Extra Features On The Intelliroute TND 520 GPS

Rand McNally has loaded the Intelliroute with some great extra features as well as the maps. There are advanced options to set how you reach your destination. You can keep up with your trip progress. You can even track your yard time with this GPS. Multiple odometers and a sunset-sunrise feature let you know the amount of daylight that is left for those “daylight only” loads. You can even look for truck plazas with specific amenities such as showers, so you can rest up comfortably after a long day of driving.

Lifetime Maps With TND 520 GPS System

You will never have to worry about paying to update your maps again. The Intelliroute TND 520 has a lifetime map subscription, so you will always have access to the most up-to-date maps.
The Intelliroute TND 520 is the best GPS that a truck driver can have. A perfect sized screen, suction mount, loaded features and life time maps make it the best choice for the long haul. When you add the additional features that include everything from routes to mileage meters to weather built right in, Rand McNally has made the ultimate GPS system for truck drivers.

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