Keeping on Track: Responsible Lifestyle Factors for Truckers



Trucking’s a tough business. Sure, you get paid to see the country. You see new things and meet new people regularly. And sure, you get to ride the open road without your boss breathing down your neck. But it’s got some serious drawbacks. You’re sitting down all day. You’re by yourself. And you sleep somewhere different all the time. It can wear out your body and your mind. Truckers should keep the following things to mind to stay healthy and happy.


Everyone needs nutrition. And yes, everyone struggles with it. Healthy eating can give truckers some special difficulties, though. The long hours and relative paucity of stops means a few things. One: when you’re tired, you don’t eat well. Exhaustion makes your body crave fatty, salty snacks. It also makes you a dangerous driver. And when you’re tired, you don’t have the willpower to force yourself to eat better.


Your best bet is to plan ahead. Before you’re tired and hungry, stock up on fruits and vegetables. While some produce can be hard to find, much less prepare, on the road, you’ll have an easy time getting basics like apples, bananas, carrots, etc. Improved nutrition will lead to increased energy, and your attention levels will get stronger and longer lasting.


Exercise is another tough one for truckers. Sitting behind the wheel all day leaves you in an odd position: you don’t work up a sweat, but you’re still too tired to get out exercise at the end of the day. For those who drive late into the night, it’s especially tough. Exercising before bed makes sleep more difficult, and you need your rest to hit the road at full force the next day.


Luckily, there are workout routines for truckers online. You don’t need a gym. These routines can be difficult to stick to during your long, hard hauls, but they’re worth the effort. Make some time each morning or afternoon to get some exercise in.


The road brings out people’s rowdy sides. Musicians, athletes, and everyone in travelling work faces the challenges of life on the road. Long, stressful days can lead to wild, excessive nights. It’s important to have fun, sure, but don’t get carried away. Heavy boozing, even if contained to the afterhours, will make you worse at your job. Much worse. Hangovers make people impatient, irritable, and sleepy. Your job is tiring enough without the strain of a pounding headache. And repeated alcohol overindulgence can lead to a suite of bad health consequences.

Social Contact

Being on the road can leave you isolated. You speak with different people every day. You don’t get the sort of social support people in other careers get. Driving for hours and hours through the prairie in the summer’s heat can make feel very strange. Make sure you keep your phone charged. Schedule skype meetings with friends and family back home. Remain active on social media. These digital tools tie you to your life back home and give you a coherent sense of self.