The Heavy Vehicle Shift


Now a days commercial trucking has become an important industry for our economy to function. We require trucking to transport many products. Trucks are the visible proof of the U.S. economy at work. Almost all businesses depend on the trucking industries in order to transport products safely nationwide and maintain fast delivery time. The trucking industry deals with much more loads than trains, planes or ships and it’s not possible to transport goods from rail yard. Ports and airports to their final destinations without trucking. If the trucking industry would be stopped, the whole economy would suffer instantly.

Initially, trucks just deliver raw materials to manufacturers. By doing this, trucks made their first economic contribution. For Instance, trucks transport raw materials from local providers like quarries, mines,farms, and loggers to different factories which need them to make the products. Then once the manufacturers make the final products then these final products will travel to retailers and wholesalers through these trucks and trucks also transport the products to ship, train or airplane so the products can reach all over the world. Trucks are supposedly one of the largest forms of land vehicles because they are especially designed to transport loads in bulk. Trucks are also considered very effective means of transport through long distances. The common cargo are heavy materials and raw products that are used in manufacturing, medicine and constructions.

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Trucking is essential for every local market and markets rely on trucking industries for their normal operations. Any problem in the trucking industry immediately effects the local market.

The trucking industry has so many contributions in today’s modern society. Some of these are mentioned below.

Shipped Cargo 

Almost every kind of good transports by truck from one point to another contributing about $140 billion. The shipped good usually include furniture, agricultural, fish products,stone, motor vehicles, minerals, textiles, wood,leathers, coal and petroleum.

Contribution in Employment

In US about 800,000 truck drivers are working and earning about $30 billion dollars yearly. According to a report of business insider a truck driver is self-employed in small trucking businesses because they often operate on the owner operator model.Larger trucking businesses mostly employ union drivers.  These unions work to protect the interests of the drivers and also bound the drivers to work in a systematic way to prevent any shipping delays and massive increase in prices to meet consumer demand.

Revenue Collection

About $650 billion annual revenue is collected by trucking industry. Which is around 84% of the total revenue of the entire commercial transportation industry. According to a report due to the increasing importance and size of the trucking industry, federal, state and local governments are planning to impose many regulations. For instance, to assure public safety on the roads, require trucks to follow lower speed limits, laws exist that restrict trucks from using certain roads and not allowing truck drivers to drive without taking sufficient rest. In order to implement on these policies the members of the trucking industry has to work together to establish best practices and set industry wide standards.

Content Contributor : Christine Rudolph