June U.S. Average MPG 25.5

Average Miles Per Gallon
Source: Auto News

Average fuel economy for new vehicles sold in the United States remained above 25 mpg for the fifth straight month in June, researchers at the University of Michigan said.

The window-sticker value of average fuel economy was 25.5 mpg for the month, down slightly from 25.6 mpg in May, according to a monthly report from the university’s Transportation Research Institute. Average fuel economy has increased about 27 percent since institute researchers Michael Sivak and Brandon Schoettle began recording the numbers in October 2007.

The year began with an average of 24.9 mpg in January, and the average has been above 25 mpg in the following months, with minor dips in April and June.

Nearly two years after federal standards requiring automakers to double corporate average fuel economy to 54.5 mpg by the 2025 model year were finalized, the average sales-weighted fuel economy of purchased new vehicles has increased about 2 mpg.

The calculated average included the amended EPA ratings for Ford vehicles issued on June 11.