Dodge Turbo Diesel Engine is the Soul of Truck Buyers


Turbo-diesel engine implies any diesel engine that is faultlessly equipped with a turbocharger. Turbocharging is common in the present truck and car diesel engines worldwide. It executes higher power outputs along with improved efficacy and lower emission levels. Turbo-diesels in modern trucks provide a higher refinement level compared to their naturally aspirated equivalents.

Apparently, the Dodge Turbo Diesel Engine is the Soul of Truck Buyers all over the globe, thanks to the improvements in fuel economy, power, and low noise emissions in both large and small capacity turbo diesels. These have spurred their extensive adoption in various markets, including Europe in which more than 50% of new car registrations were recorded in 2014 alone.

Turbo diesels are typically considered to be more flexible for automotive purposes than naturally aspirated diesels, which boast robust, low-speed torque outputs yet lack sufficient power at higher speeds. Turbo diesels are designed to deliver an adequate spread of torque and power to complement their speed range. Trucks for commercial use are designed to enhance either power or torque at a specific speed contingent upon the exact use

Benefits of turbo diesel engines Whether you need to carry your weight in a cargo box or in your trailer, the turbo diesel engines deliver best-in-class and maximum towing capacity of more than 17,980 pounds. When matched with a suitable class-exclusive six-speed manual transmission, these engines have the capacity to generate about 660 pound-feet of torque. This guarantees that one gets the job done easily and effectively.

More power

The turbocharger proves handy when it comes to enhancing the air flow in turbo-diesel engines. This, in turn, results in enhanced low-speed torque. In a layman’s language; turbo diesel engines boast superior towing capacity that exceeds their gasoline engine or non-turbo diesel engine counterparts. Improved power is ostensibly the key, which is why most truck enthusiasts prefer these engines than their equivalents in the market.

Less emissions

Although the turbo diesel engines still emit more exhaust compared to a hybrid, they emit less carbon dioxide than other engines. Exhaust emissions occur because turbo diesel engines burn less fuel than the gasoline engines. Nevertheless, they produce fewer emissions in general thanks to recycling exhaust that reduces emissions.

Improved performance

According to the experts, both speed and torque can certainly be customized to execute higher performance at variable speeds with the Dodge turbo diesel engine. Similarly, turbo diesels boast increased accelerated speed. This is why a number of truck enthusiasts enjoy the “sporty” performance provided by the Dodge Turbo Diesel engine.

Reduced noise

In terms of noise, traditional diesel engines tend to be considerably louder in comparison to their gasoline engine equivalents. In a sharp contrast, the turbo diesel engines are quieter and complement the loudness of gasoline engines since both vibration and piston slap are contained.

In a nutshell—the Dodge Turbo Diesel engine boasts a better gas-mileage. This is one of the most compelling benefits that oblige most truck enthusiasts to opt for these trucks. The turbo-diesel engines, according to, encompass about 20% to 30% improved fuel efficiency than their gasoline engine equivalents. The less fuel used allows you to drive further between fuel fill-ups, consequently saving you a lot of money in the long run.

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