Green Fleet Systems Under Investigation


Green Fleet SystemsThe National Labor Relations Board is investigating potential labor violations at the Green Fleet Systems based in Los Angeles. According to sources, the NLRB’s Region 21 issued the complaint to GFS that considers over 50 violations concerning anti-union activity. The company is alleged to have taken several actions to quell union organization among drivers at Green Fleet Systems.

The complaint alleges the company terminated union activist employees Amilcar Cardona and Mateo Mares in retaliation for the employees’ union activities. The NLRB also alleges the company threatened to terminate employees for engaging in union activities, threatened to shut down in the face of union activity, and threatened legal action against employees who perform union actions.

The complaint also says Green Fleet Systems forced employees to sign anti-union petitions, encouraged and allowed non-union supporting employees to harass or assault pro-union employees, and threatened “that union supporters deserve to die.”

Green Fleet Systems has done everything they can to stop their drivers from having a voice on the job, but the drivers stayed strong knowing the law was on their side,” said Eric Tate, secretary-treasurer of Teamsters Local 848, according to the release. “This is a big moment for Green Fleet drivers who are a leading example across the country that when drivers stick together, they can defend their rights and win justice at the workplace.”