File Form 2290 For Heavy Vehicle Use Tax 2014-2015


EtaxForm2290 Offers Cost-Effective Online Way to File Form 2290 for Heavy Vehicle Use Tax for Tax Year 2014-2015 begins July 1, 2014


Save time and money with the revolutionary EtaxForm2290 online filing system. The IRS Form 2290 is mandatory for anyone operating a heavy vehicle, but it’s much easier to file and estimate taxes when it’s lodged online.

Form 2290 filing period starts July 1, 2014 for the Tax year 2014-2015. The excise tax return must be submitted by August 31, 2014. Owning or operating a truck means an obligation to file for IRS Heavy Vehicle Use Tax also known as Truck Tax in order to continue operating the vehicle legally. This is more commonly known as a Form 2290 and it’s required annually for any vehicle over 55,000 pounds in gross weight.

In order to make submitting the Form 2290 easier for heavy vehicle owners and operators, it’s now possible to file online, using the innovative website.

The site was specifically created to make completing and lodging for the 2290 tax online much more efficient. As most heavy vehicle owners and operators are extremely busy running a business, this gives them a very time-effective way to abide by tax laws without the hassle of mailing out forms and documents, or without waiting in line at an IRS office.

Once the Form 2290 is lodged in the EtaxForm2290 system, it calculates the amount of truck tax due. It then issues a Schedule 1 within minutes.

The system offers multiple unique features that include issuing a free Schedule 1 via fax when it’s completed. It’s also possible to submit VIN corrections, in the case of entering the initial VIN incorrectly. Users can also log into the system to re-file for rejects if necessary.

The system also offers a SMS option that sends out alerts when the Schedule 1 is ready to be downloaded, along with status notifications of how the submission is progressing with the IRS system.

There is no initial charge for registering with the EtaxForm2290 system and the payment options for lodging Heavy Vehicle Use Tax forms are extremely flexible. The site is ideal for individual truck owners who wish to file their Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes independently.

However, the highly efficient site also offers exclusive pricing for Truck Tax Professionals wishing to lodge the Form 2290 tax online on behalf of clients with large fleets of heavy vehicles.

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