Explosion Reported At Masslelink Brothers Trucking Company

Image Source: Heidi Fenton/MLive.com
Grand Rapids Trucking Explosion
Image Source: Heidi Fenton/MLive.com

Windows Blown Out At Masslelink Brothers Trucking Company Inc.

An on-going investigation continues today after an explosion was reported early today at Masslelink Brothers Trucking Company Inc. The building was heavily damaged due to the force of the explosion, leaving windows blown out around the building. The accident occurred around 4 a.m. this morning.

Fire crews were sent out to Masslelink Brothers Trucking Company, located at 901 Freeman Ave. SW, at 4:20 a.m. after alarms began to sound inside the building. When the fire department arrived, they noticed that windows were busted out and that a wall of the building was also blown out.

The trucking company office is shaped like a “L.” The heavy damage was done on the backside of the building, where the wall and window damaged occurred. Luckily, no one inside the building when the explosion occurred.

The fire crews were able to quickly put out the fire but the building was severely damaged in the incident. Consumers Energy and DTE crews are on scene and gas and electric services have been cut from the building. It is believed the fire may have originated from a natural gas issue on site, but that is being investigated.

At this time, no cause has been determined. Stay up-to-date with this story at Truckers Logic.