Best GPS For Truckers – Truck Driver Buyer Guide

Best GPS For Truckers
Best GPS For Truckers
The Garmin Nüvi 2797LMT 7-Inch Portable Bluetooth Vehicle GPS is one of the best GPS on the market, packed with features and priced to sell.

Over the last 2 years, Truckers Logic has reviewed dozens of GPS. GPS are a crucial tool and asset to all truck drivers. And not only truck drivers but all drivers in general. Sure, some of the big brand GPS always comes to mind first, such as Garmin and TomTom. But with so many choices out there, how do you know you’re getting the best GPS for truckers? We took the time, nearly 24 months. We have the data and we have the results. Time to find out the best GPS for truckers. GPS or Atlas

2Cobra 6000 PRO HD 5-Inch Navigation GPS System

The first GPS on our top GPS for truckers is the Cobra 6000 pro HD 5-Inch navigation GPS system. This GPS was specifically designed with truck drivers in mind. First, the crystal clear picture is simply amazing. We enjoyed the 5 inch screen.

Truck Guide Feature

One of the best features that I really enjoyed is the truck guide feature that will give you detailed information on truck stops, travel centers, hotels, eateries and fuel stops. All of your data can easily be saved and accessed when needed. For the price you pay for this and the many features, it’s a tough one to beat.

Log Miles, Hours, ITFA Reporting

With the Cobra 6000 GPS, you’ll also be able to log miles and hours. I know with the electronic logging devices, this feature won’t be as useful. But until ELDs are live, this will come in handy. You have service timers and assist that help with ITFA and hours of service reporting. Pretty cool feature and quite helpful. Company drivers probably have their own E-Logs now but for small owner operators, this can be a helpful and beneficial tool.


TomTom 4.3-Inch Start 40M GPS Top Selling TomTom GPS

The TomTom 4.3 inch 40M GPS holds it own in a tough line of competition for GPS excellence. Very easy to use GPS that uses text-to-speech voice guidance to help your confidently find your way. It has a 4.3 inch screen with a resolution of 480 x 272.

Displays Multiple Routes

You can display up to three alternative routes that allow you to cater to the exact way that you want to go, so if you want to avoid a particular street it’s not hard to do at all! Lifetime TomTom Traffic, which displays live traffic, making it easier to map out your travel to avoid trouble spots. Comes with free lifetime map updates.

Advanced Lane Guidance

Advanced Lane Guidance – Shows you which lane to take so that you never miss your turn again. Map Share – includes updates such as new speed limits and blocked roads to make sure you know ahead of time if there are detours. This TomTom GPS is accurate, not perfect, but which GPS is?


2Garmin nüvi 2497LMT 4.3-Inch Portable Vehicle GPS

This Garmin nuvi GPS has several awesome features and a great price to boot. It comes with lifetime maps and traffic updates. It has a great clear picture, the 4.3 inch screen is a perfect size, no need to strain. The Garmin 2497 has crystal clear voice activation. If you already own a Garmin GPS, it still has great quality in voice.

Garmin Real Voice

This GPS model is one of the newer ones, a certain upgrade from previous models. It has all your favorite Garmin features inside, It has Garmin Real Directions with Garmin Real Voice. Easy-to-understand driving directions that guide like a friend, using recognizable landmarks, buildings and traffic lights. No more stress from trying to read street names. Garmin Real Voice is refined speech technology that sounds more like a natural, friendly voice. Garmin Real Directions and Garmin Real Voice are features that are only available in our line of GPS navigators.

With Garmin Traffic, your driving map remains onscreen at all times. Traffic alerts appear to the side of your map and messages are spoken, too. Garmin Traffic can give details about the situation, such as how many minutes of delay to expect and if there are any possible detours.


Garmin Nüvi 50LM 5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator2

This Garmin GPS has several great features that any truck driver or everyday driver can appreciate. Some of the unique features that make the Garmin GPS system the best GPS system includes a 5 inch LCD screen, free lifetime maps, speed limit indicator, also Windows and Mac compatible.

Voice Recognition

No more road distractions, this Garmin has voice recognition. Leading Garmin technology and features. This is a major benefit for any truck driver or the every day Joe. The Garmin GPS System speaks out street names. This allows you to know where you are going prior to reaching the specific street. And you get turn to turn directions, very helpful in areas that are not familiar with you.

And again, you get the Garmin Nüvi 50LM at a great price, under $100. For the features and price, it can’t be beat.


2Garmin Nüvi 2797LMT 7-Inch Portable Bluetooth Vehicle GPS

The Garmin Nüvi 2797LMT 7-Inch Portable Bluetooth GPS is one of the top GPS on the market.This best GPS for truckers is hands down a top tier GPS for all drivers. the new feature product to the Garmin GPS line. It has a little something for every type of driver and for every type of trip you need to take. Out of dozens of GPS that we’re reviewed over the past 2 years, this Garmin leads the pack.


Voice Command

The voice command and features for the Garmin 7 Inch GPS is second to none. It features voice-activation navigation. You no longer have to take your hands off the wheel to choose or change anything on the screen. This is a huge benefit for all drivers, one of our favorite features for sure. Safety always in mind.

This Garmin GPS also comes with free lifetime maps, so you will always be able to see the most up-to-date roads and points of interest. Routes and times are adjusted and fixed frequently, so you will always make the best time without any problems. These map updates are available up to four times per year for as long as you have the device. There will never be any additional costs to you!

Traffic Alerts And Updates

This GPS also comes installed with the ability to gather traffic updates for the life of your device, making it one of the best GPS features on the market. Garmin traffic can help you save even more time with traffic alerts and spoken traffic messages about the route map currently on the display. If there are any detours or a quicker route, Garmin traffic can inform you and talk you through the route change. It can also tell you how long you are expected to be delayed due to traffic.

Real Voice Features

Always trying to be ahead of the game and the best GPS for users, Garmin has enhanced Real Directions using Real Voice. The GPS will give you easy to understand directions by using buildings and landmarks that you can see… no more looking for street signs with names you can barely see or read.

Active Lane Guidance

Finally, another feature of the Garmin GPS is the Active Lane Guidance. The Garmin voice will guide you through lane changes to take exits and interchanges. Animated models with arrows can be seen on screen as well as giving you a bird’s eye view all while talking you through the turns.

The Garmin Nüvi 2797LMT GPS is Bluetooth and smartphone compatible as well. With the Bluetooth, you can make hands free calls without having to take your hands off of the wheel to fumble for your cellphone. And once you safely arrive, you can use your smartphone and the free mobile app in conjunction with the Garmin GPS to share where you parked, look up points of interests in the area, and learn more about your current destination.


A Reliable GPS Makes A Difference

We love taking the time to review products and our goal was to always provide you with reviews you can trust. All of the GPS above have been reviewed by our team and rated as we saw fit. When you rely on a GPS everyday, you want a GPS that you can count on. All of these GPS are top quality and have some cool and helpful benefits.

If you have a product that needs reviewed, contact us today.