Electronic Logging Device Mandate Is Close As Trucking Industry Braces For Big Change

Electronic Logging Devices
ELD Facts gives us an up-close look at the electronic logging device that companies will be using in the near future.
Electronic Logging Devices
ELD Facts gives us an up-close look at the electronic logging device that companies will be using in the near future.

Electronic Logging Device Mandate Heating Up As Publication Looms

It’s no secret that the electronic logging device mandate is on the minds of everyone in the trucking industry as we brace for big changes that will change trucking forever.┬áThe upcoming Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mandate on electronic logging devices (ELD) will heavily impact both trucking trucking companies and truck drivers. The ability to use mobile technology is on the horizon, an opportunity for the industry to be more efficient. We’ll see more compliance with drivers, but what does all really mean for the trucking industry?

Paper logging will become a tactic of the past. By 2019, all truck drivers will be required to have electronic logging devices. The new ELD ruling now will require all long-haul truck drivers to use ELD rather than paper logs. Electronic logging devices will track hours in real-time and the data will be more accurate than ever. ELD’s will ensure that all drivers are HOS compliant.

ELD’s Will Bring Trucking Into Technological Era

The final ruling on the ELD mandate represents a big turning point for trucking and transportation. This will change how companies manage their business processes going forward. The new ruling means new expenses for big trucking companies as many of them will need to purchase ELDs to be compliant with the new mandate. Many larger trucking companies will need to buy ELDs to satisfy the mandate. For the first time for some trucking companies, IT departments will need to be funded. Expect smartphones, tablets and new applications to play a big role in developing efficient processes, all moves that will take the trucking industry into the 21st century.

Small Trucking Companies Must Be Prepared For New Expenses

The new electronic logging device mandate could hurt small trucking companies. New expenses could take away invaluable resources and budgets. We’re already seeing a lot of small trucking firms being bought by global trucking companies. While I feel strongly that these smaller trucking companies deserve help, it doesn’t look like they will be receiving any. Everyone has been aware that the ELD was coming, so hopefully small companies have been making funds ready for the change ahead.

ELD Technology Will Cut Expenses

There’s a bright side to the budget concerns of ELD expenses. Larger trucking companies spend tens of thousands and more for paper supplies. Electronic logging devices will drastically cut these paper expenses. Truck drivers will no longer have to fax paperwork in, saving more on paper and saving time. Remember, ELD technology is real-time. This saves time for everyone and makes data more efficient then ever.

Be Prepared And Plan Ahead

As the Electronic Logging Device Mandate looms ahead, trucking companies and drivers need to get prepared. Being prepared for the upcoming changes can help you with the transition process, one that will take time. Ensuring that your IT department is up and running can save you time and money in the near future. There will be fleet management software available to you. You can find these now and it may not be such a bad idea to do so. The more you’re prepared now, the better off your company will be short-term and long-term.

We See Mixed Emotions Over ELDs

For the past few months, several trucking organizations and drivers have spoke out about the ELD ruling. Many do not support the changes ahead and they have concerns that the new mandate will do more harm than good. We’ve seen mandate publication pushed back a few times, but I don’t see this changing anytime soon. ELDs have too much support.

What’s Your Opinion About ELDs?

We’d love to hear your thoughts, concerns and suggestions on ELDs. Are you ready for this change? How does ELDs affect your company? Feel free to leave your comments below. As always, you can join in on the conversation at our Facebook page.