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Walmart Trucking JobsWalmart Truck Driver Salary

Walmart continues to be one of the largest trucking operations in the world and they continue to see growth. Thanks to growing demand in many trucking, Walmart and other trucking companies have open trucking jobs. With thousands of Walmart stores around the country and more being built everyday day, Walmart’s private fleet is expected to continue to grow for decades to come. It’s a perfect time to start a new career with one of the world’s largest trucking fleets in the world. Before doing so, let’s review the pay, benefits and qualifications.

Walmart Drivers

Walmart drivers deliver more than just products to their stores. Walmart’s trucking fleet ensures that the company’s mission of Every Day Low Prices reaches customers and communities across the United States.. Walmart’s private fleet of over 7,200 drivers, 6,000 tractors, 53,500 trailers and 5,600 refrigerated trailers traveled approximately 700 million miles in 2014, and did it as one of America’s safest private fleets. Walmart’s goal is to create trucking advancements that deliver more savings to our customers and cleaner air. We’re aiming to make our fleet 100% more energy efficient by 2015. This includes keeping 26 billion pounds of carbon dioxide out of the air between now and 2020.

How Much Does Walmart Truck Drivers Make?

Walmart Trucking Fleet
As Walmart continues to expand, so does opportunities for truck drivers. Walmart truck drivers can average $70,000 a year with little to no experience and upward of $90,000 with experience.

If you’re wondering how much Walmart trucking jobs pay, it will depend on the type of experience you bring to the fleet. Walmart truck driver salary will be determined on experience, endorsements and other credentials. On average, Walmart truck drivers make around $70,000 a year. Walmart truck drivers make good money. The $70,000 Walmart driver salary is a base average not including bonuses and profit sharing that Walmart offers. If you have years of experience, you can make upward of $90,000 a year or more. Some Walmart truck drivers that have been with the company during long duration are making over $100,000 a year. Your pay can range within these areas.

Walmart Driving Schedules

Not only does trucking jobs at Walmart pay well, the company does make a great effort to work around your schedule and this is never an easy task when you have a large driving fleet like Walmart. Walmart has made great strides over the years offering better pay, better benefits and attempting to keep truck drivers as close to home as they possibly can. Now, we’ll take a closer look at more benefits for driving at Walmart.

Walmart Trucking Jobs

Benefits Of Driving For Walmart

Walmart truck drivers do get some great benefits compared to other major trucking companies from around the world. One of the biggest benefits would be weekends off. If you are one of the weekend drivers, you can count on two days of off-time. A lot of Walmart truck drivers talk about the benefits of cash bonuses.

All of Walmart’s freight is “no touch.” This means that you will never have to load or unload your truck. One of the best perks when it comes to Walmart trucking jobs is the fact that you are always paid for your time on the road. It doesn’t matter if your waiting at a store or waiting for your truck to be fixed, you’re going to get paid working at Walmart. With electronic logging devices coming out soon, Walmart trucking jobs are going to be even more wanted.

Very few trucking companies will pay you as Walmart does. While some of the larger companies do pay better and offer bonuses, Walmart has a protocol that the company follows for such benefits. Before you apply for Walmart trucking jobs, there is a few minimum qualifications that Walmart truck drivers must meet before they will be considered for hiring.

Minimum Qualifications For Walmart Drivers

  • Interstate Class A Commercial Driver’s License with Hazmat endorsement
  • Three years of current over-the-road tractor/trailer experience
  • Minimum of 50,000 miles over-the-road tractor/trailer experience in each of the last three years
  • Minimum of 250,000 miles over-the-road tractor/trailer experience
  • No preventable accidents while operating a commercial motor vehicle in the last three years
  • No preventable accidents while operating a commercial motor vehicle resulting in a fatality (lifetime)
  • No preventable DOT recordable accidents while operating a commercial motor vehicle in the last 10 years
  • No more than 1 non-preventable accident while operating a commercial motor vehicle in the last three years
  • No more than two moving violations while operating a personal or commercial motor vehicle in the last three years
  • No serious traffic violations while operating a commercial motor vehicle in the last three years
  • No convictions for a DUI, DWI, OUI, or reckless driving with alcohol/drugs involved within the last 10 years

Walmart Truck Drivers And Job Security

Even after decades in business, Walmart continues to grow and expand. Unlike other trucking fleets, drivers at Walmart have good job security. The company has a great management team. The company has a strong foundation and a respectable one at that. The majority of Walmart truck drivers we spoke to love their job, love the pay and many told us they wouldn’t consider moving to another trucking company.

I’ve been driving for Walmart for 13 years,” Walmart driver Brent Adkins told Truckers Logic. “I enjoy coming to work, I enjoy the people I meet, I honestly love the job. Not many people can say that. For the past 13 years, Walmart has provide my family and I job security and a great living. I couldn’t ask for a better company to work for.

While Walmart has been one of the fastest growing companies over the past few decades, the company continues to expand all over the world. There’s plenty of opportunity to land a truck driving job at Walmart. If you meet the minimum requirements listed above and your ready to start a new career being a truck driver at Walmart, apply today!