Cobra 6000 PRO HD 5-Inch Navigation GPS System


 Cobra 6000 Pro HD GPS

It’s no secret, all truck drivers need a reliable GPS system. When you combine quality and price, you won’t find a better deal then the Cobra 6000 Pro High Definition 5-Inch GPS. This GPS has all the bells and whistles without the heavy price. It doesn’t matter if you’re a truck driver or a professional driver, this GPS system is for all levels of drivers. When we reviewed the Cobra 6000 Pro HD GPS, we reviewed everything. Here’s exactly what we know and found.


The Cobra 6000 HD GPS system is certainly dependable and capable to get you where you need to go. I’ve never had an issue with. Yes, this GPS system works great for truck drivers but if you’re looking for a cheap quality GPS system, this is your opportunity to get it. The Cobra 6000 Pro HD GPS is very light weight, only weighs a little over 5 ounces. Pretty tough also, considering it has took two large falls and still works like a charm.

Clear Picture

I love the HD screen of the Cobra 6000 GPS. The Cobra Pro HD has a 5 inch screen and a clear, crisp picture. 5 inches don’t sound like much but there’s plenty of room to see everything and the picture is clean and bright. When you compare the Cobra GPS picture with top-of-the-line competition, the Cobra 6000 GPS can hold its own quite well.


Now, the best part. The Cobra 6000 Pro HD navigation GPS system has a ton of great benefits that is helpful to both truck drivers and professional drivers. Besides getting you to your destination, this GPS system does so much more. You get a full lifetime of map updates for free. If there’s a new road going in, you’ll be able to access it on your Cobra GPS system.

For truck drivers, you’re going to be able to log miles and hours in each state with your Cobra 6000 HD GPG system. You have service timers and assist that help with ITFA and hours of service reporting. Pretty cool feature and quite helpful. Company drivers probably have their own E-Logs now but for small owner operators, this can be a helpful and beneficial tool.

One of the best features that I really enjoyed is the truck guide feature that will give you detailed information on truck stops, travel centers, hotels, eateries and fuel stops. It can be a handful trying to find some locations in smaller towns or areas that you don’t know well. Not no more, with the Cobra 6000 HD GPS system, you’ll be able to find a ton of awesome places when you’re on the road.


As I said before, comparing price and quality, you won’t find a better GPS system for this price. This is the perfect GPS navigation system for anyone shopping on a budget. Including all the features and reviewing everything, we highly recommend the Cobra 6000 PRO HD 5-Inch Navigation GPS



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