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Internet Truckstop

Internet Truckstop

One of our jobs at Truckers Logic is to connect you with the trucking industry, provide great resources for all levels of truck drivers and positions. While we have no association to Internet Truckstop®, we’ve heard a lot of great things about them. Truckstop was founded in 1995 by Scott Moscrip. Scott states that he had a vision to provide innovative and reasonably priced services for the transportation industry. Things were a lot different back in 1995 and Scott was a pioneer to have this genius of an idea.

Today, Truckstop is one of the largest internet based freight matching services in the industry. The one thing that we still hear a lot about when Truckstop is discussed is the price. Back in 1995, they charged $35. Today, they still charge $35. We’re talking about a history that goes back over 20 years. I won’t say Truckstop was ahead of their time, but they came out at a perfect time.

From that humble start, the company has grown to be the largest Internet based freight matching service in the industry.

Through the years® has gained a reputation for providing excellent customer service and transportation related tools for a very reasonable cost. In fact, our basic service is still the same cost it was in 1995, only $35!

From the initial load and truck boards, we have added such innovations as Carrier Performance Reporting, FuelDesk, ShipperMate and our weekly Trans4cast Letter to just name a few offerings. We have expanded and enhanced our credit services so much that we are now the largest credit reporting entity in the transportation industry. As our company has continued to grow and expand we have not forgotten that our company was founded on the principals of family values, honorable ethics and teamwork.”

Internet Truckstop (the website) has a wide range of features, resources and tools to benefit all levels of truck drivers. They have one of the largest trucking classified sections in the industry. For a small fee, you can use it. Some of the trucking classified sections include “For Sale,” “Help Wanted” and “Services.”

Anyone that runs a trucking business knows that organization is a must. Keeping track of your loads, trucks, trailers and drivers can be a job in itself. Internet Truckstop does offer a solution, ITS software. It has features for carriers, owner operators and brokers.

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