Protecting Your Cargo Through The Memorial Day Weekend


Memorial Day Traffic

Thinking Driver Safety

Protecting your cargo is always important for a truck driver. As a driver, you always have to be aware of your cargo and take the proper measurements to keep it safe. With the Memorial Weekend here and millions of more people on the road, drivers should be on high alert for cargo theft.

The Memorial Day weekend also brings a higher chance of being involved in an accident. Traffic will be very heavy over the weekend and likely heavy until late Tuesday. With all the extra traffic, accidents are likely and truck drivers should be alert for changing situations at all times.

The NSC, National Safety Council, predicts that there will be 382 traffic fatalities during this time and 40,900 people injured. Cargo theft is another element that you have to consider during the holidays. Interestingly enough, cargo thefts increase by 31 percent over the holidays. It’s certainly is a double dose of trouble for all truck drivers during the Memorial Day rush.

AAA projects 36.1 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more from home during the Memorial Day holiday weekend, a 1.5% increase from the 35.5 million people who traveled last year, with more than eight in ten travelers driving to their destinations.

Memorial Day holiday travel volume is expected to reach a new post-recession high and is forecast to be 2.6% more than the 10-year historical average, as well as the second-highest travel volume since 2000.

AAA says 88% percent of travelers, or 31.8 million, will travel by automobile, an increase from 31.4 million last year. Travel by other modes of transportation will see the largest increase, up 6.5%, totaling 1.7 million travelers. We like to take this time to wish everyone a great Memorial Day holiday and please be safe.


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