Press Releases For Trucking Companies


If you’re looking to promote your trucking business, trucking jobs, truck drivers or your own profile, Truckers Logic can help. Truckers Logic is one of the fastest growing trucking platforms and our established audience of truck drivers is always looking for the next big opportunity. We’re proud to announce that we’re providing press release services for all trucking professionals. For only $10, you’ll get a lifelong press release from Truckers Logic.

A press release is used to promote, build leads, generate traffic and increase your search engine rankings. Most press release companies charge upward of $99 or more for a press release that is only active for a few months. On top of that, press release companies don’t have the right targeted traffic to get your return of investment. In the end, you’re out a lot of money for nothing.

At Truckers Logic, your press release will be promoted and featured in front of thousands of truck drivers that visit our website regularly. Plus, we won’t delete your press release. Your press release and links will remain active forever, giving you added value in terms of your links and search rankings. That alone is worth more then the one time $10 payment you’ll have to pay.

There’s no limit to the amount of press releases you can buy. Multiple press releases will give you more traffic, more leads, more links and higher search engine rankings. The sky is the limit and again, it will always only cost $10. Each press release can include any amount of words and up to 3 links, great for growing your website’s rankings and authority.

If you have any questions about our press release features, please feel free to contact us at (801) 842-4248 or send us an email at