L.A. Port And Long Beach Port Strike Ends Again

L.A. And Long Beach Port Strike Over
Image Source: Labornotes.org
L.A. And Long Beach Port Strike Over
Image Source: Labornotes.org

Port Truck Drivers Continue To Fight Losing Battle

Truckers Logic has been one of the many trucking news media sources that have been covering the Port Strikes at the L.A. and Long Beach over the past few months. Truck drivers from two companies agreed Friday to return to work, organizers said, ending a nine-day trucker protest at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

The two struck companies — Pacer International Inc. and Harbor Rail Transport — said in statements that they would not retaliate against drivers who walked off the job and vowed to continue discussions with the Teamsters Union, which is backing the drivers.

Late last week, truckers from five area carriers ended a four-day work stoppage. On Nov. 21, Pacer Cartage and Harbor Rail Transport truckers issued an unconditional return to work after QTS Inc., LACA Express, and WinWin Logistics truck drivers ended their strike a day before.

The protests began Nov. 13 with Total Transportation Services Inc., Pacific 9 Transportation and Green Fleet Systems. That evening, GFS drivers agreed to extend the cooling off period negotiated by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti last July. TTSI and Pac 9 drivers resumed discussions with company management the next day.

This latest series of protests is the fourth for some Los Angeles and Long Beach drayage truckers in less than a year. The Teamsters union said that companies have misclassified the truckers as independent contractors instead of employees and have attempted to interfere with unionization efforts.

Dockworkers did not walk off the job during the trucker strike and protest organizers said most terminals turned away trucks from the targeted companies. Dockworkers have been without a contract since July.

The Pacific Maritime Association has accused the International Longshore and Warehouse Union’s of using “slowdown tactics” after their contract expired July 1.