How To Become A Truck Driver


How To Become A Truck Driver

Become A Truck Driver Today

There’s a ton of great online resources that anyone wanting to become a truck driver can tap into. At Truckers Logic, we’ve been helping new truck drivers for over 2 years now. We have hundreds of informative guides on every imaginable trucking topic available. Just use our search bar to find what you need. If you’re wanting to become a truck driver, we have everything you need to make that happen.

We can help you get your CDL license, help you study to ensure that you’ll pass your CDL exam on the first try. From your CDL test to your pre-trip inspection, Truckers Logic can help. 5 Questions All New Truck Drivers Should Be Asking

Truck Driver Resources

One of the best resources for new truck drivers is our eBook, So You Want To Become A Truck Driver. This detailed guide will give new truck drivers all the information that you’ll need to become a truck driver. At only $2.99, you can’t beat this resource trucking book. Once you have passed your CDL test and exam, the next step is getting properly trained.

Most of our truck driver resources are free. But our collection of detailed trucking books will give you great insights that you won’t find online. There’s a lot of different things that others don’t want you to know about trucking. You don’t find these topics online. But we give you answers in our trucking eBooks and cover everything. You can pick up the complete series at Big Rig Ebooks.

Taking Your CDL Test

Free Practice CDL Test

Truck driver training can be tough, it can be expensive and it’s going to be a lot of repetition. Again, new truck drivers, we suggest another book from our owner, Surviving Truck Driver Training. This is another great detailed guide that will help future truck drivers survive training. Not only that, the boss has outlined a plan that will save you time and money with your truck driver training.

What Type Of Trucker Driver Will You Be?

There’s a wide range of different positions you can hold as a truck driver. Each trucking level job has requirements that must be met. But if you’re new to truck driving, perhaps you don’t know what type of truck driver to be. For those of you that don’t, check out this resource guide. Trucking Positions And Descriptions

Trucking jobs outlook is positive for 2016, some believe 2017 as well. The U.S. economy continues to grow.

What Requirements Are Needed For Truck Drivers

Truck Driver Types And Requirements

We hope that you can find a trucking company that is willing to give you free training but that is not always the case. There’s a number of truck driving schools out there that can help you with proper training. Take the time and research trucking schools in your area via Google. Most trucking schools have detailed websites. You’ll be able to access their accounts, get signed up and see the different pricing quotes offered.

Pros And Cons Of Driving Schools

Truck Driver Training

Class A CDL

There’s thousands of trucking companies out there for you to apply to. There’s tens of thousands of trucking jobs open as we speak. With the trucking industry continuing to grow, trucking companies can keep up with the new demand. I know you’ve probably heard it time and time again but this is the perfect time to get your CDL license, get trained and get hired.

More then likely, as a new truck driver, you’ll start out as an OTR truck driver. OTR stands for Over-The-Road. Your going to spend a lot of time on the open road. Being away from home on the road for long periods at a time can be tough. Rather then being upset, take the opportunity with pride. Make new relationships, do the best you can, keep safety up front and get the experience you need. You never know when opportunity will come your way. Keep your head up, make money and learn everything you can. One day, you’ll have the opportunity to become an owner operator if you play your cards right.