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Trucking Books From The Big Rig Ebooks Series

Trucking books are a great way for new truck drivers to become familiar with a career on the road. Trucking books can also appeal to veteran truck drivers. I know that there’s a ton of good solid truck driver books out there to read. However, today, we’re going to discuss the Big Rig Ebooks series of trucking books. Big Rig Ebooks is an ongoing series of truck driver books that consist of several different topics. Today, we’re going to discuss each book and exactly how it can benefit you.

Trucking Books

Starting Your Own Trucking Business

One of the most popular trucking books in the series is How To Setup Your Big Small Business. At some point in your trucking career, you will consider venturing out on your own. While this move can be very beneficial to your trucking career, it can also leave you in ruins. I’ve seen it happen. This trucking book was written by owner-operator Spencer Jensen. Spencer has been a very successful owner-operator. His trucking business is strong and growing. To be honest, there’s no other truck driver I would want to learn from more. Spencer has years of experience and a successful business, this is why this trucking book is so successful.

This is a truck driver’s book, you get to learn the same techniques and strategies that made Spencer successful. How To Setup Your Big Small Business gives you a detailed and calculated plan on starting your own trucking business. It goes into depth discussing your cost, determining profit and revenue, and covering everything you need to consider before you begin your trucking business.

From How To Setup Your Big Small Business

The first step in becoming an Owner Operator is to have an action plan. You could just go down and lease or buy a truck, slap a few stickers on it, grab some permits, and get on down the road; but, if you are in this to make money, money needs a plan. Just like you and I, if you don’t tell the money where to go and what to do, it might just not show up or do anything. Take the time to brainstorm out your plan, ask yourself what you want to achieve. I always like to quote the infamous Dr. Indiana Jones when I get asked why I am in the business. “Fortune and Glory kid, Fortune and Glory.” This is what he says to his friend Shortie in The Temple of Doom.

So You Want To Become A Truck Driver

More popular trucking books from the Big Rig Ebooks series is So You Want To Become A Truck Driver. In this trucking book, all your questions about becoming a new truck driver will be answered. Spencer Jensen, the author of the Big Rig Ebook series, has been training new truck drivers for many years. With this experience and years of being in the trucking industry, it provided him with the knowledge and experience to explain a detailed guide that all new truck drivers can follow.

Reviews From Big Rig Ebooks

Spencer has years of experience in training for the trucking industry. He has experience with multiple truck driver training schools, company-sponsored CDL training and knows how new truck drivers are trained. He has spent time in training and has come to the conclusion that the trucking industry does not train new truck drivers properly. We’re not referring to everyone or all training programs, but the majority of them don’t give new truck drivers the knowledge and experience they need.

While Spencer’s third book in the Big Rig Ebook series goes into more detail about truck driver training, this book does touch on the subject. You’ll learn vital information on truck driving school and exactly what they don’t want you to know. We’ll cover every step that you need to take to become a truck driver and tips how you can advance quicker and make more money. If you’re considering becoming a truck driver or just entered the trucking industry, this is a must-read trucking book.

From So You Want To Become A Truck Driver

After my three failed attempts at college I started looking at technical colleges to earn a license or learn a skill. Driving was something that appealed to me. So one day I was talking with my wife and told her that I was going to get my CDL (Commercial Driver License) and drive a truck. It was a daunting and scary proposition; we had never really been apart too often.
I gathered what little information I could and attended a school for three weeks. From there I was hired by one of the bigger carriers that allowed me to pay back the loan for the CDL training as I worked. I spent the next three months with three different trainers. It took me twice as much time to get through training because I drew three trainers that didn‘t want to train. Although I was eager to learn, there was nobody there to show me the way. This was very trying, and I almost quit before I even got started. That would have left me with a financial responsibility for the schooling and in a worse spot than if I hadn’t started in the first place.

Training Survival Guide

Two trucking books that all new truck drivers should pick up to read is So You Want To Become A Truck Driver and Training Survival Guide. Trust me, if you go into the trucking industry with the knowledge of these two trucking books, your career will be much better off then not reading them. Real quickly, all of our trucking books are only $2.99. We’re not trying to make money off these books. This covers our fees. They are very affordable because Spencer has dedicated years of his life helping other truck drivers. He knows the cost of truck driver training, maintaining your own semi truck, fuel and all the cost associated to being a truck driver. This is why he started Truckers Logic and Big Rig Ebooks in the first place. I thought that should be pointed out before we continue.

Reviews Big Rig Ebooks

Now that you know Spencer’s attention, let’s talk about Training Survival Guide, the second trucking book in the series. It has been designed to guide you thru the crazy world of trucking schools, companies and even into your first truck. I give you information that the schools and the companies don’t want you to know about. Why would they want you to be able to get your school for free? Do they know what is best for you and your situation? Spencer will help you look out for you! Because at the end of the day the schools and the companies need you. I even tell you how to get a company to pay for your training while you are employed by them. The schools and companies are there to help you. However, they will pretty much tell you whatever you want to hear so you will lay out the cash or drive for them. Make sure you are informed, make sure you know how to control your future.

From Training Survival Guide

So now you can see that you may want to have an idea of the type of carrier you want to target based on the type of work you want. Truckload and less than can also have a mixture of local, regional, and OTR (over the road) runs as well, so don’t choose one or the other based solely on the fact that you want to be at home. Most drivers start at a large truckload carrier that is running over the road because that’s generally who the majority of hiring is done by. As I mentioned in book one, once you get in the seat and start “forward-thinking” you start to see which direction you want to go. Over the road is a very good place to start because it gives you the most variables. In my opinion, it is the best place to learn and get experience.

Company Driver VS. Lease Purchase Operator

The Big Rig Ebooks series has already sold thousands of trucking books since launching earlier in the year. There’s a reason for that, the Big Rig Ebooks series works. It’s a continued trucking series that will include more books in the future. Spencer will be adding a 6th book to the series soon covering CDL training in depth. We’re all looking out for it and you’ll be able to find that all Spencer’s trucking books here at Truckers Logic and also at Big Rig Ebooks.

So, if you’re an experienced truck driver, veteran truck driver on the open roads, you know all about this next book. Company Driver vs. Lease Purchase Operator. How many of you have thought about becoming an owner operator? How long have you been thinking about making the switch? What is stopping you? What are your concerns? All of these are great questions that you’ll get answered in this trucking book.

The great thing about Company Driver vs. Lease Purchase Operator is the fact that Spencer, the book’s author, has been a successful owner operator for many years. There’s many trucking books on the market that give insight on being an owner operator. Our book gives you a full detailed plan and approach to becoming an owner operator. We take out all the guessing and you’ll be able to determine if you can become a successful owner operator before you ever take that first step. This takes all the risk out of the equation so you can make a valid choice based on the details provided. Again, these trucking books are not assumption, rather, they are books with proven techniques, details and guides that work.

From Company Driver vs. Lease Purchase Operator

So maybe you don’t want to be a “company man,” or maybe you want to take more control of your finances and career. In the previous section we did a lot of comparisons of lease vs. company drivers. In this section I will try to cover some of the common worries associated with leasing your first truck. I will also go over some of the beneficial things associated with being a lease driver and try to dispel some of the myths. As with all of my books, I hope this will help you make a more informed decision, no matter which way you decide to go. As you are learning, most people have the wrong perception of truck drivers. We are constantly learning and evolving in our profession, and as a lease operator you will have to be “on top of your game” if you want to make it.

The Truck Driver’s Guide To Health And Fitness

The last of our trucking books is Truck Driver’s Guide To Health And Fitness. It’s no secret that truck drivers are one of the unhealthiest working groups in the world. The obesity numbers are off the charts. Truck driver health is a serious issue and concern. While some trucking companies and groups are trying, no headway is being made. Truck drivers are hard working, dedicated to their profession and spend upward of 11 hours a day driving. It can be difficult to get exercise and eat on the road, but it’s not impossible.

In Truck Driver’s Guide To Health And Fitness, we’re going to give you a detail health and fitness plan to follow. Keep in mind long-haul, OTR truck drivers, we had you in mind when our trucking books were written. None more so then our guide to not only help you lose weight, but to get you healthy and change your life forever. In this book, you will have a detailed plan to change your lifestyle with easy transition, changing completely in the long-term. Truck drivers like routine. This is how we get stuck in our ways. We’re going to help you change your life forever in this book.

From The Truck Driver’s Guide To Health And Fitness

The first step in any journey is the most important one. This step is moving you into the right direction. You can think or talk about doing something, or making a change for a long time, but if you fail to take the first step you will never end up where you want to be.
My favorite phrase I like to use when I talk to people about making a positive change is“You have to be sick and tired of being sick and tired.” The best reason to make a positive change is you. You can’t do it for anyone else but yourself. Your family can be a motivating factor in your decision to better yourself, but in the end your family isn’t going to be the one eating rice cakes and putting the time in on the treadmill.

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