Truck Driving Types And Requirements




In the automotive industry, there is constant advancement in the various types of vehicles and how they function. With these advancements comes an increasing need for road safety regulations. One of the major motor vehicles facing a high level of regulation is the truck driving sector. Hot shot trucking and flatbed trucking are just but a few types of truck driving.

Different types of truck driving require different set of regulations to suit their functions. An individual owning a truck may decide to either use it for commercial purposes or for private purposes. An individual whose sole purpose it to use his truck for commercial purposes requires a specific license for commercial vehicles. This license is known as the commercial driver’s license. The commercial driver’s license is a license required to operate a vehicle with a gross weight of 11,798 kilograms or more for commercial purposes. The cdl is also issued to vehicles transporting quantities of hazardous materials. It is issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association under the department of transportation.

Before the cdl is issued to a driver, he must be have undergone truck driving training and passed the driving exam both in class and practically. The issuance of this license is intended to increase road safety and eliminate bad drivers from the road. This license can be issued to a hot shot truck driver. A hot shot is a single axle truck pulling a multiple axle trailer. Hot shot trucking is the use of a smaller than normal trailer and semi-truck by a driver. It can also be referred to as Less Than Truck Load (LTL). These trucks weigh from as little as 1 ton up to a class 8 truck. A commercial driver’s license issued to such a
driver allows him to transport goods and products up to 36,000 pounds.

Flatbed truck driving involves driving a truck whose body has no sides or roof but is instead flat and level. This truck allows for the easy loading and off-loading of goods. It is mainly used to transport heavy goods that are not vulnerable or delicate. Flatbed truck driving requires a driver who has undergone proper truck
driving training and has the necessary skills for this task. This is because most goods carried by such trucks are those that are too large to be carried in a confined space. As such, care is needed while driving such a truck so as to avoid damaging the goods or other vehicles on the road. A cdl will be used to
identify that the driver is qualified. Truck driving requires skill, knowledge and precision. Proper training is required before a driver can be certified to be a commercial truck driver. Issuance of the commercial driver’s license is proof of a competent truck driver.

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