Home Away From Home: 3 Items Every New Truck Driver Should Have


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As a brand new truck driver, you probably have big plans and dreams for your career. You have most likely walked around that shiny new Peterbilt a thousand times in your mind and you have probably even dreamed of the huge cash pile you will amass. However, you should know that as a new truck driver, you will not get rich quick and a shiny new big rig could be years into your future. You may struggle to learn how to balance bills at home with expenses on the road and your first truck might have half a million miles on it.

So, if you won’t be getting that big, customized truck then you will want to know how to make the best of the truck you do have. There are a few things every truck driver should have in their rig to make it more comfortable. While some custom items are extremely expensive, others are relatively affordable. Here are three items that every truck driver should have.

CB Radio

Having a CB radio is a must for every truck driver. Without the CB you won’t have access to valuable information from other drivers throughout the day. The CB is also a great way to pass the time during a lonely drive at night. Having the ability to conversate with other people while you’re working is a very important part of keeping your mental state where it needs to be while you’re on the road. Even though you have to drive alone, you don’t have to remain cut off from rest of the world. The CB will also come in handy if you should have a medical emergency or break down on a side road where there is no cell phone service. You can use it to give other drivers your location so they can send help.

Power Inverter

Every truck driver should have a power inverter in their truck. Always check to see what your company’s policy regarding the use of inverters is before installing one. Also be sure you select an inverter that will power the appliances you need it to power without being overkill for your rig. 1500 watts is a nice middle of the road size for inverters. This will power most small microwaves, a TV, computer, gaming system, or refrigerator. Make sure your inverter is installed by a professional who can be sure it is grounded properly. An inverter that is installed improperly can lead to a truck fire that could cost you your life. However, life without an inverter on the road will definitely cut out some entertainment and nutrition that could be valuable to you.


The third thing you should absolutely keep in your truck is some form of entertainment. As a truck driver, your days should not simply consist of driving and sleeping. Our lives require more than that from us in order to be enjoyable. Buy a TV, some movies, or a laptop computer to provide entertainment on the road. If none of these items hold much interest for you, then books and puzzle games like Sudoku might be a good option. Without entertainment, the road becomes boring and you tend to focus on things you miss. Also, having a something to keep you busy in your down time will reduce boredom and lessen the risk of you becoming involved in something detrimental to your career.

While there are many things that drivers might add to their trucks, these three are some of the most important ones. Every truck driver needs information throughout the day, as well as being able to provide himself proper nutrition on the road. Also, every driver needs a way to keep themselves entertained during their downtime. No matter who you are, having the ability to make your truck more comfortable on the road will improve your attitude at work, which in turn will affect your productivity. In other words, simply making your truck more livable may make you a bigger paycheck at the end of the week.

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